ZimmNews – October 3, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm Team hopes you’re enjoying our look at life on the agriblogging highway this week. Events include the Verdesian Life Sciences media event, “Tomorrow’s Science Delivering Today’s Returns” in Los Alamos, NM; World Dairy Expo courtesy of New Holland; Canadian Farm Writers Federation Annual Mtg. courtesy of CaseIH and New Holland Blogger Days in Turin, Italy.

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has become a hot topic as more states consider legislation to make it available on some kind of legal basis. We receive quite a few press releases from the hemp industry so we thought we’d pose this question for our ZimmPoll: When do you think medicinal marijuana will become a major cash crop? We’ve got pretty good response so far!

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed. Many more will be posted in coming days from all these events too!

Karen Scanlon, CTIC, on Conservation in Action Tour in the Everglades Agricultural Area
New Holland World Dairy Expo Pavilion Ribbon Cutting Press Conference
Abe Hughes, New Holland, says drink more milk, buy more balers
Liz Hobart, GROWMARK, proactive nutrient management series
Earl Garber, NACD, EPA mtg. on WOTUS
Scott Bentley, World Dairy Expo, on start of this year’s show
Christopher Neale, Water for Food Institute, on Global Conference

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ZimmNews – September 26, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

It’s time for the ZimmComm Team to get on the agriblogging highway. This coming week Jamie will be at the World Dairy Expo for New Holland, while Chuck will be in Italy at the New Holland international blogger days. In addition, we will be covering the Canadian Farm Writers Federation annual meeting in Prince Edward Island, thanks to CASE IH, via our Canadian freelancer Trudy Forsythe. So, it’s a busy time!

Our newest ZimmPoll focuses on a controversial topic, “When do you think medicinal marijuana will become a major cash crop?” As more states are considering legalization – what do you think?

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:

Howard Brown, GROWMARK, on nutrient management
Hick Chick Chat

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ZimmNews – September 19, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Today is Apple AgNerd day since the new iPhone 6 models are now available in stores. Of course Chuck already has his If you’re getting one don’t forget to make sure you have the newly updated AgWired App on it. It’s free and also available for Android. Of course, on any mobile device you can install a browser app to your home screen. Just open AgWired.com and a pop-up will ask if you want to add it to your home screen. It is also a great AgWired App option! Thanks to iCropTrak for continuing as our AgWired App sponsor!

Speaking of Apple our latest New Holland sponsored ZimmPoll asked if you would buy an Apple Watch, which is scheduled to come out early next year. The results were pretty mixed. Most people probably want to wait to see what changes might come out at actual launch time.

Here are some audio files from this week you might have missed:

Maree Deventer, ADM, on soybean sustainability program
Sec. of Ag Vilsack announces citrus greening aid
Republican Ag Commissioners on WOTUS
Mike Deering, Missouri Cattlemen, on Right to Farm Prevails
BIO Teleconference on cellulosic ethanol advancements

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ZimmNews – September 12, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

We hope you’ve been following the world @AgriBlogger as he moved from Boone, IA to Deauville, France and Aberdeen, Scotland. Now he’s looking ahead to next week’s NAMA Fall Conference in Chicago!

The ZimmComm Team is continuing to publish stories from several other recent events like the Farm Progress Show. You’ll find lots of great content with photos and interviews on AgWired!

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, How important is it to know about farming in other countries?

This might be the most one-sided poll we have every had. It seems, and we definitly don’t disagree, that having a global understanding of agriculture is crucial. We may not all be able to learn about them first-hand, but thats where ZimmComm helps you out!

Here are the poll results:

Very important, global economy – 91%
Not important, who cares – 4%
Somewhat, simply curious – 5%

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, Would you buy an Apple Watch?

Apple’s roll-out of a few clever and exciting new techie items has lead us to wonder if their new Apple Watch is something you plan on spending money on. It’s a no brainer that all Apple product enthusiasts will eventually be owning an iPhone 6, but do the product specs of the Apple Watch intrigue you enough to make the investment. Do you see it being a must have in years to come?

Speaking of Apple, the AgWired App has been updated in iOS. Install or update. Easiest way to check on what’s new in the world of agribusiness on your iOS device.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:

Doug Felter, John Deere, new anhydrous applicator
Thorsten Schwindt, Bayer CropScience, on Stratego YLD
Nigel Miller, President, National Farmers Union Scotland
Jon Doggett, NCGA, on corn crop
Hick Chick Chat with IA Ag Sec. Bill Northey
Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL) on stopping WOTUS
ND Wheat grower, Jim Bahm, on Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary
Kevin Oschner, NCBA Cattlemen to Cattlemen, open remarks at Hereford Genetic Summit

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ZimmNews – Sep 5, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm Team has put in a few miles this week as Cindy attended the Bayer CropScience grand opening of their integrated research and development facility for biologics and vegetable seeds while Chuck was off to Deauville and Caen, France for the Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Expo and Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and then on to Aberdeen, Scotland for the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress He’ll be back to ZimmComm World Headquarters early next week. Yes, it’s break time then.

Here are some interviews and audio from this week you might have missed:

Lord Provost George Adam, Aberdeen, Scotland welcome message for IFAJ Congress
Jarrod Angstadt, New Holland, talks about biomass harvesting
Liam Condon, Bayer CropScience, thrilled with opening of west coast research facility

And lots more so check out AgWired and associated new websites AnimalAg and Precision! We’re still publishing stories from the recent Farm Progress Show.

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ZimmNews – August 29, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm Team was in action this week in Boone, IA for the weather shortened Farm Progress Show. We have plenty of stories to share on AgWired and Precision.AgWired.com and hope you enjoy them. Thank you to all our sponsors for their support !

Chuck is already back on the agriblogging highway heading to the Normandy, France area for the Alltech Global Beef & Dairy Conference and World Equestrian Games. He travels on from there next week to the annual International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Here are some interviews and audio from this week you might have missed and there is a lot more to enjoy online:

Interview with Jim Blome, President/CEO, Bayer Crop Science
Interview with Randy Krotz, USFRA
Interview with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
Interview with Doug Felter, John Deere
Interview with Jeff Solberg, Retiring CEO GROWMARK
Interview with Paul Redhage, FMC

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ZimmNews – August 22, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Perhaps you’ve noticed a lot of content on AgWired and related domains, Precision and AnimalAg There’s a good reason for that. It’s fall show time and the ZimmComm Team is covering a lot of them. This week Chuck took off for the 2015 John Deere Product Launch in Milwaukee. If you’d like to see what the floor show looked like as the new products were revealed to dealers then check out his video. There are also lots of photos from the event of course.

From there Chuck traveled to North Dakota to spend a little time with the New Holland Harvest Support Team and a special New Holland-sponsored viewing in Bismarck of The Great American Wheat Harvest, which is sponsored in part by AgWired.

Look for even more great content on the AgWired family of ag news websites next week as the team travels to Boone, IA for the Farm Progress Show!

We want to congratulate Carrie Mess, Mesa Dairy, for receiving the first ever Social Media Farmer of the Year Award presented by Food, Nutrition & Science and sponsored in part by AgWired.com. Better known as Dairy Carrie, she received the award after being nominated and judged by an industry panel. The award recognizes farmers who have incorporated social media, digital media and internet strategies to achieve their business objectives including growing revenue, sharing information for more effective farming practices, and promoting positive awareness of the industry.

We are looking for a fall intern to work with the ZimmComm Team on location. If you know of a student who might be interested please direct them to fill out this form for us.

Here are some interviews and audio from this week you might have missed:

John Lagemann, John Deere, overview of new product launch
Brad Tolbert, John Deere, new 6 Family of tractors
Van Holmes, Yamaha Outdoors, on partnership with ACT
Wayne Jellinek, Koch Agronomic Services, on new brand launch at FPS
Len Dobbins, FMC, on pre-emergent herbicides
Mary Kay Thatcher, AFBF, legislative update

And yeah, there is a lot more!

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ZimmNews – August 15, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

We’ve got so many items for you to enjoy in the ZimmComm News Network that we would be surprised if you can’t find something you’re interested in. This week Chuck took off for the AgWorks User Conference in Davenport, IA while Cindy is off to North Carolina with BIVI and their Swine Health Seminar. Plus the team is still posting stories from all the other events we’ve attended in the past couple weeks. So we hope we’re keeping you informed and entertained!

Besides finding out the ways you like peanut butter from our last ZimmPoll we’re now asking What do you think of Right to Farm laws? Missouri just narrowly passed one and North Dakota has had one for a couple years.

We’re running out of time today to list some of the key audio files you’ll find throughout the ZimmComm News Network but there is a lot to choose from. You can visit AgWired and associated websites anytime, subscribe or get the Agwired App. We’re trying to make it easy for you.

Quoting from one of my favorite people, Bobby Likis, “Like us? You’re gonna love us!”

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ZimmNews – Aug 8, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

It’s hard to believe the school kids are back at it and we’re nearing the end of summer. For the ZimmComm Team that means activity ramps up to fever pitch! We’ve got a lot of the calendar over the next month so you’ll be seeing us out and about at places like the AgWorks User Conference, BIVI Swine Seminar, Farm Progress Show, Alltech Global Dairy and Beef, IFAJ Congress and more.

We are seeking applications for a fall intern. If you know of someone or could alert them to the opportunity please direct them to contact Chuck or Jamie.

Our latest ZimmPoll, sponsored by New Holland, asked the AgWired community, “I prefer to get my farm news from:

Here what we were told:

• Computer – 34%
• Mobile Phone – 24%
• Radio – 15%
• Magazine – 14%
• Tablet – 10%
• Other – 3%

There is no stopping the digital age, especially with reliable broadband becoming more and more available. What do you think of these results? Are you already excited about Apple and Samsung’s upcoming product announcements?

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, What’s your favorite way to eat peanut butter?

We had to ask this question after completing seven years of blogging for the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation. Chuck likes his on pancakes with maple syrup. Cindy’s new favorite is a chopped up grilled PBJ as topping on and ice cream sundae! Jamie says peanut butter cookies are the best. Let us know your favorite.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:

Abe Hughes, New Holland, on new products & company milestones (via ZimmGlass)
Sarah Wilson, farmer on a mission, AgCareers.com HR & Food Roundtable
Bill Moffitt, Ayrstone, on new AyrMesh Cab Hub
Kristina Butts, NCBA, legislative update
New AAEA President Kurt Lawton
Christy Lee, Don Norton, old and new LPC Presidents
Robert White, RFA, Free Fuel Happy Hours at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Delayne Johnson, Quad County Corn Processors, at ACE Annual Mtg.
Laura Donaldson, John Deere, data management
USDA Farm Bill Update with Sec. Vilsack

Remember that this is just a sample of what we’ve got that’s new this week. You can also check out AgNewsWire.com to see our content aggregated together from the events we cover.

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ZimmNews – Aug 1, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

It has been a busy week for the ZimmComm Team so this is going to be a short one late on Friday afternoon. Chuck is on his way home from New Holland, PA and the New Holland Product Launch Media Day. He went there after Ag Media Summit, where he worked with our summer intern Sara Gillum, and the Southern Peanut Growers Conference. Cindy just returned home from St. Louis where she and Leah Guffey covered the InfoAg Conference. Of course Cindy took time to see Cruz Baby. If you don’t now who the Cruz Baby is just check her Facebook page. Jamie Johansen is in Denver at the Cattle Industry Summer Conference and Leah is getting ready to head to Sturgis, SD for the annual Motorcycle Rally. Thank you to all our sponsors who make our coverage of these events possible.

We have lots of photos and interviews to share. Go to AgWired.com or Animal.AgWired.com or Precision.AgWired.com or DomesticFuel.com to see it all!

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