ZimmNews – November 4, 2016

ZimmNewsHello ZimmComm Community:
AgNerd Chuck was in Kansas City this week to Develop with Deere as the company held its annual conference with application developers and this year with a large group of their dealers. It was a record crowd and he’s sharing interviews on Precision.AgWired.com.
develop-with-deereThe ZimmComm Team is gearing up for next week’s NAFB convention in KC, MO. On location will be Chuck, Cindy, Clint, Jamie and Kelly. We appreciate sponsors BASF and FMC for their support to make our coverage possible on all our news sites.
Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Which candidate is better for agricultural exports?”
Both major party candidates have said they oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which most studies show would help to open up markets and increase agricultural exports. The Obama administration has been strongly in favor of TPP and urging Congress to ratify the trade agreement as soon as possible, but that will not likely be before the end of the year, leaving it in the hands of the next president and a new Congress. And in this poll it looks like Trump is the candidate most are confident will handle this well.
Here are the poll results:
• Donald Trump – 52%
• Hillary Clinton – 32%
• Gary Johnson – 6%
• Jill Stein – 1%
• None of the above – 9%
Our new ZimmPoll is live and asks the question, Final decision time – who are you voting for?
We’d love to know.
Of course you’ll find lots more on AgWired.com!
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