ZimmNews – June 3, 2016

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
This has been setup week for new ZimmComm employees Clint and Caitlin Underwood. They are now all moved in and ready to work out of ZimmComm World Headquarters!
The agriblogging and farm podcasting highway is going to get busy starting next week when Chuck attends the Corn Utilization Technology Conference in St. Louis and travels on to an EPA public hearing on the RFS in Kansas City. Meanwhile, Jaime and Lizzy will be at World Pork Expo in Des Moines.
We congratulate and welcome new Brand Marketing Communications Manager, Francesca Vaughn, to New Holland. And in case we didn’t mention it last week, the same to Mary Hagan, new VP of Communications at NCGA. And while we’re at it let’s also welcome new Pork Board CEO, William J. Even.
Here is some audio from this week you might have missed:
Gene Stoel, Minnesota farmer, new voice of “I Am USFRA”
Rusa Demasi, ASTA Chair, on upcoming annual meeting
Dr. Jorge Arias, Alltech, on opportunities in Cuba
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