A Look At The Podcast Consumer

In Podcasting by Chuck

Edison ADM Podcast SlideI missed the Association for Downloadable Media’s webcast titled, “The Podcast Consumer Revealed.” The session was conducted by Tom Webster, Edison Research. The audience for podcasting just keeps growing. The main reasons people watch or listen to podcasts is so they can do so whenever and wherever they want. Here are some key points from the session.

* 1 in 5 Americans (22%) have listened to a podcast.
* 59% men 41% women, 18-44 demo = 60% of podcast users.
* Most downloadable media is consumed via desktop, mobile growing.
* Podcast users are very active on social networks – mainly Myspace and Facebook
* 24% of podcast consumers feel “emotional connection” with their favorite podcasts.
* Podcast consumers are more receptive to advertisers heard in podcast vs heard via internet radio.
* Producers need to do a better job of selling the portable aspects.

If you’d like to know more then feel free to watch the recorded presentation here.