ZimmNews – September 25, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
We are back from Italy where we had a wonderful time with the global New Holland Agriculture folks and their farmer and blogger guests from around the world. We have been doing a series of posts featuring some of New Holland’s farmer heroes in the Seeds of Life presentation at the Expo Milano pavilion. We also had the chance to visit a vineyard and winery in Chianti during the trip – which was definitely a highlight! Meanwhile, Jamie attended a special Boehringer Ingelheim media dinner at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in St. Paul.
After returning from Italy, since the Pope was in Cuba when we visited Rome, Cindy made a 24 hour trip to DC to be part of the papal parade experience. She would like to say a special thank you to our very wonderful friends Sara Wyant and Al Johnson with Agri-Pulse who let her stay in their DC digs overnight, which made the trip so much easier.
Chuck is now in Canada for the Canadian Farm Writers Federation meeting, courtesy of our friends at CASE IH, so he will have lots to share from that next week. Jamie and Lizzy will be covering World Dairy Expo next week, while Cindy will be learning more about Ceva Animal Health in Kansas City.
The Bayer CropScience LibertyLink #RealYield campaign and game has kicked off in earnest and is getting lots of social media attention. If you have heard the radio spots airing across the country, you might have recognized a familiar voice or two. Cindy is the main voice for the campaign and Gary Cooper of AgNet Media does the tag lines. You can listen to them all on YouTube.
Here are some interviews from the past week you might enjoy:
New Holland Hero Gerry Manuel of Zimbabwe
Interview with Jason Manz, Bayer CropScience
Interview with Dr. Mike Eisenmenger, Swine Vet Center
Interview with Dr. Jessica Seate, Boehringer Ingelheim
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