ZimmNews – July 31, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Breaking News: Chuck and Cindy have decided to attend the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Congress in October, being held this year in New Zealand with a side trip to Australia and we are looking for a sponsor to help defray the cost. This is a great opportunity because one of the big issues will be the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, which includes those two countries. We promise that the cost is reasonable and well worth the online and social media exposure! Please contact Chuck to find out more.
Perhaps you’ve heard of the Ag Media Summit? Of course you have. The ZimmComm Team was there and took lots of photos. Some of you can find photos of yourselves so check it out. ZimmComm summer intern Lizzy Schultz helped us out and did a great job. Look for her story posts and interviews on AgWired.com. It was an AgNerd paradise!
Chuck took off from Ag Media Summit and met up with our Jamie Johansen at the 20th InfoAg Conference. This conference had another record attendance showing how fast the precision agriculture sector is growing with adoption becoming more commonplace. On Precision.AgWired.com you’ll be seeing and hearing lots of interviews with the technology innovators over the next couple weeks.
Chuck and Cindy are on their way to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip and the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this weekend. And they are not bikers. But it’s all work with some play with the Renewable Fuels Association and Free Fuel Happy Hours. They’ll be helping fill tanks with free E10 and talking with bikers about using ethanol blended fuel. BTW. This is Cindy’s first Rally.
Here are some audio files from this week you might have missed:
Jessica Robinson, NBB, on supporting ag media
Trent McKnight, AgriCorps, on youth being the solution
Jill Heggen, FMC, working with ag media
Jesse Vollmer, FarmLogs, on FarmLogs Flow
Mike Ostaffe, ClearAg on new features
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