ZimmNews – Mar 28, 2014

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
We hope you have had a wonderful National Agriculture Week.
The ZimmComm Team had a lot going on that included:
National Premier of The Great American Wheat Harvest
National Ag Day ActivitiesPhotos (including Great American Wheat Harvest Movie/USFRA/FARMLAND)
Borman Borlaug Statue UnveilingPhotos
American Coalition for Ethanol DC Fly-inPhotos
FARMLAND movie screening
There are lots of interviews and other audio from these activities in our story posts.
The ZimmGlass Project keeps moving forward. Chuck now has his Glass mounted on custom frames with his prescription lenses installed! Looks a little less agnerdy. If agricultural Journalism classes and agricultural media organizations would like Chuck to make a presentation please let him know. This new wearable tech could change how we report news in the future!
With the national premier of The Great American Wheat Harvest film documentary and the private screening of FARMLAND this week we thought it would be interesting to get some public opinion in our new ZimmPoll that asks the question, “Do you think farm movies can help the public image of agriculture?” Let us know what you think.
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