ZimmNews – March 15, 2013

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Great American Wheat Harvest Sponsor Need: You know we’re sponsoring “The Great American Wheat Harvest” documentary that is in production now. Conrad Weaver, the film’s director, is in need of a couple of items for the film crew. Those include a truck like a Ford F-150 (American made) four wheel drive with crew cab and towing package for RV trailer. They also need an RV trailer which could sleep 6-8 people in which the crew would stay as they travel the country following custom harvesters this year. The trailer will also be where they would do in field post production editing. Sponsorships are available for these items that include media alerts, website listing and film credits as well as logo wraps for the film and sponsor on the truck and logo on the trailer as well. Please contact Conrad ASAP if you would like to provide this support at 301-606-7794.
It’s almost spring and that means it is almost Ag Day. Chuck will in Washington, DC, next week for National Ag Day activities. Follow along on AgWired starting next Tuesday!
Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Will the sequester monster impact you personally?”
Our poll results: Fifty-two percent said No it will not impact you. Twenty-one percent said Yes, Major Impact, seventeen percent said Yes, Minor Impact, and ten percent said I Don’t Know. So most of you do not expect to be affected by the sequester monster. Wonder what all the fuss was about.
Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Have you recently purchased a gun?” The Second Amendment states that you have the “right to keep and bear arms.” Do you practice that right? Has all the talk about new gun laws stimulated you to go out an purchase that gun you’ve been wanting? Let us know.
Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:
Jay Kriss, Director of Harvesting The High Plains film documentary
Caren Schmidt, Technical Market Manager in corn fungicides for BASF
Dupont Pioneer Field360 press conference
USFRA announces Next Generation Farmers Documentary press conference
AJ Woodyard, BASF Personality Profile
Paul Welbig, Raven Precision, on XL Solutions
Custom Harvesters Tracy Zeorian & Kent Braathen on Great American Wheat Harvest Documentary
Kathy Michael, John Deere, on JD Link and “seeing” your machine in the field
Brad Rouse, Trimble, on connecting regardless of color
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