ZimmNews – October 12, 2012

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The ZimmComm Team is on a little break from the agriblogging highway after Chuck covered World Dairy Expo. But there’s lots more coming up. Cindy is attending the CARS 2012 (Congress of Automotive Repair and Service) in New Orleans this weekend before joining Chuck for some family R&R up in Georgia. Then the next big adventure is the World Food Prize activities in Des Moines.
Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What cooperatives play a role in your life/business?”
Our poll results: Ten percent said Electric/water/utilities; ten percent said Farm Credit/credit union; five percent said Farm supplies; twenty percent said Energy/biofuels; three percent said Farm commodity; three percent said Other; thirty-five percent said Two or more of the above; and fifteen percent said None.
Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What is most important for feeding growing world population?” As of today, it is estimated at a little over 7 billion; by 2050 it is estimated it will be slightly over 9 billion. With a steadily increasing population, how do we feed everyone? What do you think?
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