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Chuck is just returning from “the best tour ever,” 2012 Conservation in Action Tour which is coordinated by the Conservation Technology Information Center. He’s got lots of stories to post and photos to upload as soon as he gets back to ZimmComm World Headquarters. Farmers are proactively doing all they can to improve their stewardship of the land and he’ll share those stories over the next several days.
Next week is a big one for the ZImmComm team. Chuck will be attending the Corn Utilization Technology Conference in Indianapolis, Cindy will be attending a BASF media event in Chicago before going to World Pork Expo in Des Moines and Jamie will be covering the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Minneapolis. Keep an eye on us as we burn up the agriblogging highway!
Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Which group should restaurants consider experts on animal care?” Recently many folks in agriculture participated in an online thank you campaign for Domino’s Pizza. Why? Because the restaurant chain made a decision based on good humane animal practices and did not give in to the demands of the animal activist group HSUS. According to our poll 48% said Farmers, 35% said Veterinarians, 16% said Ag Industry, 1% said Activists and no one selected Government. Sounds like good common sense response to us. So take notice all you restaurant chains. If you need advice and want to do the right thing for your customers and the folks who produce safe, humanely produced food, ask the experts and not people with an agenda.
Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Is Atrazine lawsuit settlement good for farmers?” A lawsuit against Syngenta related to the herbicide was settled with an offer of over $100 million by the company, even thought there has been no evidence of harm in drinking water caused by the product and the plaintiffs in the lawsuit acknowledged they had not commissioned any research on the subject or seen any new research to the contrary either. What do you think?
Here are some interviews you might have missed this week:
AG CONNECT Expo excitement building with Sara Mooney, Show Director
New Boomers from New Holland with Dan Valen
Locust Trace AgriScience Farm instructor Tod Harp
Re-introducing SLIP Plate from Superior Graphite with Barry Lee
Preview of the 2012 Conservation in Action Tour with CTIC Chairman, Rex Martin, Syngenta
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