Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Chuck went from Beef Board Blogger to Biodiesel Blogger this week posting for the 7th year on the National Biodiesel Conference Blog, sponsored by New Holland. He’s got over 360 conference photos online. Have you thought about having the ZimmComm team blog your conference? Whether it’s about production agriculture or biofuels production or anything connected with food, the team has experience with it and would be happy to try to fit your event into their schedule.
In our latest ZimmPoll we asked the question, “What do you think about the proposed Egg Products Inspection legislation?”. We were surprised to find that although 59% said Dangerous precedent for livestock production, 41% said Necessary to save egg farming industry. Kind of a divided reaction. Does this surprise you?
Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “How do you think farm equipment sales will do this year compared to last?” Let us know what you think. Will there be more new equipment sales this year? Is it time to replace a worn out piece of equipment?
Here are some interviews you might have missed this week:
Kristina Butts, NCBA Legislative Affairs Director, on proposed egg products inspection legislation
Paul Teutul, Sr., Orange County Choppers, talks about the Biodiesel Bike
Colin Woodall, NCBA Government Affairs V.P., on top policy concerns
Forrest Roberts, NCBA CEO, on the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention
Joe Jobe, NBB CEO, speech at National Biodiesel Conference
Jill Ginn, past-president, ANCW, comments from stage at Cattle Industry Convention
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