Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Cindy was thinking to herself one day, “I wish there was a calendar that had all the ag events for the year on it.” We’ve never seen such a thing, so she decided to make one.
It was not an easy task, taking her about a month to get it the way she wanted it, including photos from events throughout this past year and getting as many dates for the major ag events included. Not sure how it would actually look in person, we ordered a limited quantity to give as Christmas gifts to some of our clients. We think they actually came out pretty sweet and now we are wondering if there is any interest among ZimmComm/AgWired fans to get their very own copy. The cost is $20 each plus $2 shipping/handling.
If you’d like to purchase your copy please visit this link: Purchase 2012 ZimmComm Ag Events Calendar
Gadgets – 28%, are tops on the Christmas gift list according to our latest ZimmPoll, followed closely by Paying Bills – 25%. Those choices were followed by Clothes, 19%; Other, 14%; Farm Equipment, 9% and Tools, 5%. It’s very interesting that no one chose Food! Wow. Food makes a great gift don’t you think? Maybe we’re all so well fed that our focus has turned to other things? What do you think?
Our new ZimmPoll is now live. We’re asking the question, “Is Ethanol production good for ALL of Agriculture?” There’s a huge amount of on-going rhetoric about this subject and it seems to be a very divisive issue within the ag community. Let’s put it this way, the most heated arguments/debates We’ve heard or participated in this year were on this subject! What do you think?
Here are some interviews from this week that you might have missed:
First AgChat Foundation Exec. Dir. Emily Zweber and President Darin Grimm
Patrick Westhoff, FAPRI, on farm markets outlook
Rick Tolman, CEO, NCGA, on receiving St. Louis Agribusiness Leader of Year Award
Chuck Spencer, GROWMARK govt. affairs director, on farm bill
Chris Waram, BASF Service Tech, on working with custom applicators in North Dakota
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