Looking for Audience Answers

The more eyeballs we have looking at our online publications, the more people want to know just who they are.
It stands to reason that the majority of our 15,000 unique visitors a month on World Dairy Diary are somehow involved in the dairy business. We can tell where the most traffic comes from in terms of geography, search engines and links. But, we really don’t know much of anything else about them.
We know by word of mouth and feedback that a large percentage of the agribusiness and agri-marketing community are among the 18,000 unique visitors each month on Agwired. Who are the rest of them? It is one of the drawbacks to having a free and open information service.
So, we had to do one of those things that everybody hates – a survey. We thought carefully about what to use as an incentive and finally decided on what we usually decide on for wedding presents – money. It’s something everyone can use and it’s the easiest thing to mail to the winner.
We came up with customized surveys for each of our four main publications – Agwired, Domestic Fuel, Precision Pays and World Dairy Diary – asking for all that personal information that people hate to share, like name and location. In return, people who fill out the survey are entered to win in a random drawing for $250 at the end of the month for both November and December. We are also asking for some input about what people would like to see stories about on each of the sites. We have a strict privacy policy that we will not share any of your personal information.
If you are a regular reader of any of these sites – please take about 2 minutes and fill out the survey and maybe win $250 in extra Christmas cash! At the very least you will experience the warm glow of satisfaction at having helped give us a better idea of who our audiences are and how to serve them better.
Agwired Survey
Domestic Fuel Survey
Precision Pays Survey
World Dairy Diary Survey

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