6 Years With Missouri Beef Industry Council

It was very nice seeing all our Missouri Beef Industry Council friends this week during their board meeting. This is the time when they get together to review proposals for consumer and producer education and promotion. We once again proposed doing project work in the coming year.
The Missouri Beef Industry Council was our first client back in 2004 so we’ve been working with them for over six years. Projects have included creating the first beef industry podcast which is now Checkoff Chat and the first beef industry blog, Missouri Beef Buzz. We also provide assistance with the production and distribution of press releases, especially ones with supporting media files like images and audio.
Soon after we started working with the MBIC we also started working with the Cattlemen’s Beef Board on what is now called MyBeefCheckoffMeeting.com, a blog about the activities of the Beef Board at their two annual meetings. I will be the Beef Board Blogger once again in just 2 weeks at the Cattle Industry Summer Convention along with many members of the MBIC.

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