Off To The Ethanol Races

I was on location this week for the Iowa Corn Indy 250. I’ve made it to the event for 3 out of the 4 years it has been on the IRL schedule. The event is sponsored by Iowa Corn Growers and Pioneer Hi-Bred. This year my coverage on AgWired and Domestic Fuel was sponsored by the Iowa Corn Growers.
So I took over 1,500 photos, conducted 14 interviews and posted them along with a couple of video clips to our websites and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board Facebook page. They got copies for their own use too. That’s a hallmark of our event coverage! It’s kind of like an old fashioned live radio remote on the internet and you get high quality production at the same time!
You can listen to audio from the start of the race here: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Iowa Indy Corn 250 Start”] Here’s where you can find my photos: Iowa Corn Indy 250 Photo Album

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