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Rick Calvert BlogWorldThe founder of the BlogWorld and New Media Expo is Rick Calvert. He says feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendance is way up too. He’s conservatively estimating about 2,200 at this point so the final count could be higher with walk-ins today. That says a lot in a troubled economy where many shows have seen a decline in participants. I think it’s just another sign of how robust the new media business is today.
He says the exhibit show has been packed and I can attest to that since I’ve had to wait at times to get an opportunity to speak with an exhibitor. He says next year’s dates are October 14-16 back here in Las Vegas.
Rick says that one of the beautiful things about new media is that it allows a company or an event to have a media outlet since most of us are in niche topical areas and it may not be big enough to even be mentioned on network television. He says new and social media “cuts out the middle man” and let’s you communicate directly which is how we naturally converse. It’s a tremendous benefit for small business.
You can listen to my interview with Rick here: [audio:] BlogWorld Expo Photo Album

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