More Podcast Growth Data

Podcast Research Edison AbritronEdison Research and Arbitron have produced some very interesting new data (pdf) on media usage. Some tidbits that stood out for me include:

  • 43% of Americans are aware of podcasts and 20% have listened to them
  • Internet access from any location is now approaching 9 in 10 Americans
  • Dial-up is down to less than 1 in 6 homes with internet access
  • Growth of iPod/portable MP3 players continues in 35-64 age demo
  • Digital radio audience continues to listen to AM/FM radio

Americans are increasingly enhancing their use of traditional media with new ways to control how, when and where they consume information and entertainment
Use of online radio, online video, podcasting, and iPod/MP3 players are on the rise
Consumers say flexibility, control and variety drive their use of online and portable media options

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  1. I am aware of broadband numbers growing and mp3 media player surge, but I still want to see real data regarding podcast listenership. I think iTunes (a giant in the Podcasting world) should release whatever data they have regarding subscriptions and downloads. Even a subscription or download however, does not mean that someone ever bothered to listen.
    FYI: I am a podcaster.

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