IFAJ Congress 2009 Website

IFAJ/AMSOne of our recent projects has been the development of the IFAJ Congress 2009 website. Yes, it’s a WordPress blog and as we get closer to the event in July the content is being posted more frequently. I dare say this is way better than a static web page that doesn’t ever change.
Registration is now open for the event by the way. This is a “must-attend” event for anyone in agricultural communications. I don’t care if you’re a farm broadcaster, podcaster, editor, publisher, blogger or agriblogger. You need to be there.
It’s not just that there will be good professional development sessions although that’s reason enough. It’s also because this is your chance to interact with some great people from around the world who will be attending. Many of them will be coming to the United States for the first time. Let’s give them a fantastic welcome.
It’s the first time that the IFAJ Congress has been combined with an event like the Agricultural Media Summit and I think it’s going to go down as the best ever. There are a lot of people working to make it so. Maybe our new administration in DC will find a way to participate.

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