March ZimmNews

March ZimmNewsThe latest edition of our monthly newsletter, ZimmNews, is now available.
If for any reason you didn’t receive it and would like to then you’ve got choices. You can subscribe to our ZimmNews using this link or you can view an archived version of the newsletter with this one.
This edition of the ZimmNews contains the following sections:
New Media Tip
Where Have We Been
Where Are We Going
What Others Are Saying
Best of the ZimmCast
The AgWired We
Submit Your Questions

Feedback is already rolling in. For example, I’ve already had a new “What Others Are Saying” emailed in as follows:

“Gee, I can even keep up-to-date on my family vacation during Spring Break…if I can avoid my wife and kids killing me for using my Blackberry.”
Loving it in Paradise

Also in this month’s ZimmNews is a coupon for first time users of our AgNewsWire service. I hope you like it and thanks for reading!

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