Happy New Year

I sure got lax about posting issues of our monthly ZimmNews at the end of the year. However, that will change in 2008 starting now. By the way, Happy New Year to all of you. Cindy and I and all of the ZimmComm crew hope you have a fantastic year.
You can read the December ZimmNews by downloading it here (Word doc).

New Media tip:

Joining the online conversation is becoming easier and easier. Starting a blog or a podcast can be done with tools you may already have. But you don’t actually even have to start one of these to get your message online and in a search engine friendly environment. Think YouTube and Flickr. There are other sites out there but these are the ones we recommend you focus on. If you’ve got a point and shoot digital camera, chances are it shoots pretty good video/audio. Even today’s smart phones will let you get in on the action. Take the new Helio Ocean as an example. With a YouTube account you can easily upload video clips, which can include interviews with key company personnel, product demos, event activities, the list is endless. With Flickr you can upload your still images of many of the same content ideas. In both cases, make sure you add all the key word tags you can think of which will help your members or customers find you. Both services provide you with ready made hyperlinks and code to place your content on your website or in electronic documents like emails or newsletters. There’s a subscription mechanism using RSS built into both services so people can subscribe to your content too!

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