Interview With Tim Bourquin, Founder of the New Media Expo

Me interviewing Tim BourquinBefore the end of the Podcast and New Media Expo I got to interview the founder, Tim Bourquin. I was surprised to learn that Tim has a unique background that includes work as a police officer. He just saw a need for an expo of this kind when he got into podcasting and so he started one.
Next year Tim’s moving the conference to Las Vegas to as he puts it, “move it to the next level.” Over 2,000 people were registered here for this year’s conference and my guess is that there’s still a lot of growth potential. For example, I’ll bet some international expos would work well like in Europe or Asia.
Thanks to Gary Cooper, Southeast AgNet, for taking the picture while I interviewed Tim in front of the trade show entrance.
You can listen to my interview with Tim here: [audio:]

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

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