May Madness

May is proving to be a very busy month for ZimmComm New Media. I’ll be on the road a lot (already have) and of course I’ll be blogging all the way. Here’s a mostly complete list of the projects I’ll be working on this month:
National Press Club – Washington, DC – Ethanol Promotion and Information Council
World Ag Forum – St. Louis, MO – World Ag Forum
CBOT Ethanol Press Conference – Chicago, IL – Ethanol Promotion and Information Council
Elanco Sensory Briefing/Wet Lab – Des Moines – Elanco Animal Health
Syngenta Soybean Field Project Setup – Missouri – Syngenta
Alltech International Symposium/IFAJ Board Meeting – Louisville, KY – Alltech/IFAJ
Indianapolis 500 – Indianapolis, IN – Ethanol Promotion and Information Council
Blogging or podcasting are involved in most of these projects. But even more descriptive of the type of work I’ll be doing is photography, audio interviews and some video. These things become content in my posts but also have additional applications for each client including for internal and external public relations.

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