A Member Website Project for EPIC

epicinfo.orgOne of our latest projects is the re-design and build of a member website for the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council. EPIC had a static web page site that was password protected so that no one could enter without logging in. You could see a home page but not any other pages. It was also very difficult to update and required going through several steps each time new information needed to be placed on it.
So what we’re in the final processes of creating is an organizational membership blog which is open so that prospective members can see what they would have access to if they were members. All files are password protected. This way none of the content can be accessed without membership but it’s there for anyone to see. I think that makes membership more enticing.
I’ll be doing some staff training on how to manage the site. EPIC staff will be able to upload their own files that include pictures and documents. They’ll be able to posts announcements and other member information themselves and do it from wherever they are.
Another benefit will be the fact that the site is search engine optimized so after posting for a while it will be more easily found in keyword searches. The site also has the comment feature enabled so members or prospective members can ask questions, pose ideas and provide feedback. Members will know that the organization cares and with quick responses they’ll be treated much more personally than otherwise.
I think this is a great example of how blogging can be incorporated into an overall communications strategy.

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