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Although we aren’t focused solely on agribusiness here at ZimmComm New Media, it’s an industry where we’ve pioneered most of our work. I thought a couple of example would be interesting and maybe give you some ideas of how you can incorporate blogging and podcasting into your communications efforts.
Example number one: Beef Board Meeting. This cattle producer-targeted website now has 30 new posts from the Cattle Industry Convention that all contain pictures and most of them contain interviews or audio files of press conferences and speeches. The posts were done while the event was taking place and traffic is 5 times higher than last year when the site was introduced. Additionally, all my pictures were placed into an online photo album for anyone to find and view (241 pictures).
Example number two: Biodiesel Conference Blog. This consumer/industry-targeted website now has 37 new posts from the National Biodiesel Conference that contain all the same type of content (pictures, interviews, speeches and press conferences). Additionally, 21 of the audio files were placed into a podcast series for people to subscribe to and download to their computer/iPod. And all my pictures were placed into an online photo album (296 pictures).
Now while I was doing that I was also cross posting onto AgWired, Domestic Fuel and World Dairy Diary which are ZimmComm owned and operated news blogs. This places the content in another highly search engine optimized environment. I don’t know about you but I think this beats a printed daily conference newsletter any day!
Our schedule is filling up during these busy farm meeting months. If you’re interested in learning more about it all works and how we can work for you please let me know.

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