iPhone Me

Apple iPhoneDon’t think I didn’t hear the announcement yesterday of the iPhone. MacWorld Expo is going on and Steve Jobs made the announcement. If you think this is just a neat looking new cell phone then think again. It’s a widescreen iPod, phone and internet communications device. It’s almost enough to make me want to switch from Sprint to Cingular since you’ll only be able to use one with just the one carrier (bummer). Watch the keynote address and iphone introduction.
Now why is this important to you and me? Jobs describes the iPhone as a revolutionary device. After seeing the introduction and demonstration I agree. This thing is a lot more than just a cool gadget. It’s also a great functional tool that we’re going to literally see “out in the field.” It’s an example of where things are going in the mobile delivered content arena. In fact you might want to check out this story on eMarketer.com, “The Hottest New Media Platform of 2007 Is Right in Your Hand.”
I guess the question would be, Are you preparing to communicate with your members and customers wherever they are?
I spent an hour in an Apple store yesterday getting a very detailed demonstration of a MacBook Pro. If you think I should make the conversion please email me.

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