More People Listening to Podcasts Zune

White ZuneI don’t think I’ve mentioned Microsoft’s new digital content player, the Zune but it’s now got an in-store date and price. I think this is important to note because Microsoft is not small deal in the business world and I’m guessing that if the unit plays like it’s described a lot of them will be bought, meaning that the audience for podcasts will just keep growing and growing and growing.
This 30GB bad boy will be in stores by November 14 with a retail price of $249. It has some nice features and will play more types of files than an iPod.
You can find out a lot more about the Zune on the Microsoft website.
I’ve got to believe that between Apple and Microsoft marketing their products heavily, we’ll soon be reading statistics that say something like the average home in America has 2.556 digital media players.

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