People Listen To The Whole Podcast

PodtracWhile a lot of people are sitting around wondering if this podcasting things is going anywhere and if anyone is listening, one company is doing research to find out. Podtrac, which claims to have the largest database of demographic information on the people who listen to podcasts just released the results of their quarterly survey. Here’s some interesting findings:

According to their survey, over half (56%) of the podcast audience is listening and viewing podcasts on their computers, 46% on a portable device, and the vast majority (88%) listen or view the entire podcast episode. The survey also found that podcast awareness continues to grow as 41% of U.S. online adults were aware of term “podcasting” at the end of Q1 2006 versus 32% at the end of Q4 2005.

I don’t think anyone can discount the marketing mania that Apple has generated with their product. I just posted an example of this on one of our news blogs. Now’s the time to get your message and information out “there” which of course means in your customer’s and member’s iPods.
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  1. Keeping those podcasts short will increase that percentage even more for budding podcasters. Maybe it’s just me, but I rarely have 30 minutes to listen to a podcast unless I’m mowing the lawn.

  2. I agree with keeping them relatively short, but I have never been able to listen to anything over the noise of a lawn mower. Even the thump..thump..thump on a treadmill gives me problems with podcasts that contain concise information (as opposed to music).

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