A Week of Event Blogging

Ethanol Car At IndyHow’s this for a picture to get your attention? What a week it has been. Event blogging is really picking up. Check out my post this morning on our AgWired site about a 46 day event that’s being blogged as I write.
I started the week at the Clean Cities Congress where as of this point I’ve posted 64 articles, most with pictures and audio and even some video clips. You can’t believe the positive response the organization who held the event has received so far. I’ve got a feeling it won’t be the last event blogging for AFVI.
Then it was on to Indianapolis to blog the visit by U.S. Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman. It was his first visit and he even got to cruise the track in an Indy Car.
So, if you’d like to let your customers or members know what’s going on when you hold an event or conference remember the professional event bloggers at ZimmComm New Media.

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