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IABC 2006 International ConferenceHere’s some business communicators who are using the new media tools. They’re the International Association of Business Communicators. Their annual convention is coming up in Vancouver, British Columbia. Can’t make it? Me either.
But you can keep up on it with:
IABC 2006 Convention Blog: In Session
IABC 2006 Convention Podcast: ConferenceCast
I think this should become a “standard” for organizations in the future. It’s a great use of new media tools. You don’t have to do it yourself. That’s why we’re here. Call on the blogging and podcasting experts to help you out.
Here’s some upcoming projects we’re involved in:
This week it’s NAMA. Besides AgWired, I’ll be blogging the annual conference on the NAMA Blog.
In May, it’ll be the Clean Cities Congress where I’ll be blogging it on Domestic Fuel.
In June it looks like I’ll be blogging the Nashville Fan Fair on AgWired.
In July it will be the Cattle Indusry Summer Conference on AgWired and Beef Board Meeting.
August will find me in Norway at the IFAJ Congress and posting on AgWired.

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