• Featured Video:Commodity Classic 2015 trade show ribbon cutters were having a hard time with some dull scissors so it came down to a pocketknife to start the show.
  • ZimmNews – April 2, 2015

    ZimmNews – April 2, 2015

    2015 ACE Fly In - The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) brought the troops to Washington D.C. to talk with our Nation’s leaders about the importance of the Renewable Fuels Standard.

    ZimmNews – March 27, 2015

    ZimmNews – March 27, 2015

    2015 Ag Day - The National Activities of the 2015 Ag Day took place in Washington, DC. Chuck was there to capture it all.

    ZimmNews – March 20, 2015

    ZimmNews – March 20, 2015

    2015 Agri-Pulse Farm to Fork Politics - On the eve of the 2015 National Ag Day, the Agri-Pulse team brought us a great panel themed on: Unleashing Innovation in Agriculture.

    ZimmNews – February 27, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 27, 2015

    2015 BIVI Swine Health Seminar - On the eve of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians annual meeting folks gathered to discuss PED, pig welfare and education.

    ZimmNews – February 20, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 20, 2015

    2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show - The show brings together farmers from Texas to Missouri to the southeast Gulf coast.

Podcasting Potential Being Realized

It sounds like podcasting is getting more mainstream these days if I’m reading this article on Advertising Age correctly. It looks like more major companies are directing ad dollars to audio content that consumers want and can get whenever they want. Only makes sense to me.

But a more Long Tail business has started to form within the more fragmented sectors of iTunes, which loosened its policy on ads in podcasts in 2005. Chris Spencer, CEO of Wizzard Media, a podcasting network with more than 35 video and audio podcasts in its stable, values the podcast-specific ad market at about $100 million. The figure comes closer to $300 million after streaming video is included in the mix, though he said it’s difficult to gauge the specifics. “It is growing faster than anyone — especially the big TV networks — believed would happen,” he said.

Missouri Governor Makes YouTube Announcement

I like our Missouri Governor Matt Blunt for a number of reasons even if I’m disappointed with him on some things. He’s been good for the state and yesterday he announced he wouldn’t seek a second term for the position by YouTube video. How cool is that? No other hints or speculation. Just a very clean, simple video statement that anyone can see.

Just think if you put your own video on YouTube and let people know about you and your company? Have you got the courage to do so?

By the way, as of this posting the video has been viewed over 5,700 times since it was posted late yesterday afternoon.

Steve’s View Of MacWorld

Steve Mays and MacMy good buddy Steve “Mac” Mays and I had coffee this morning at the Coffee Zone and talked about new media and MacWorld. Steve attended the annual Apple computer geek fan event and I wanted his perspective on it.

Steve went with a couple members of our local Mac Users Group who had been before. I’m sure that helped since it’s attended by about 50,000 people and hundreds of companies exhibit there. Steve is glad he stood in line for 5 hours to see the Steve Jobs Keynote but I really don’t think I would have compared him to the Pope.

You can listen to my interview with Steve here:

Multitask Your Media

Big ResearchMultitasking media is up according to a new SIMM study from BIGresearch.

“Technology is creating new media options faster than most people can assimilate and is causing more multitasking,” said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. “Unfortunately for marketers faced with the challenges of an uncertain economy and the need to increase marketing ROI, new media options are impacting how consumers use traditional media. Specifically, TV’s influence on consumers to purchase products declined, whereas new media options such as web radio, satellite radio, instant messaging and blogging all increased. Consumers seem to be seeking information from digital platforms while TV has traditionally been viewed as a brand building medium, which isn’t providing the requisite information,” said Drenik.

This does not mean all traditional media are declining in influence. Media that can target, be timely, and deliver value to consumers, such as coupons/direct mail, radio, yellow pages, newspapers and newspaper inserts all increased in influence to purchase as consumers are looking to stretch budgets in a slowing economy.

I think this list of key findings is fascinating:

  • Regular simultaneous media consumption for online, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and direct mail is up from 1% to 35%, depending on the medium.
  • Channel surfing remains the #1 regular activity engaged in during TV commercials with 41.2% doing so followed by:
    33.5% talk with others in the room or by phone
    30.2% mentally tune out
    5.5% regularly fully attend to commercials
  • In SIMM 11, eating continues to be the #1 activity people engage in while using media followed by doing housework, doing laundry, cooking and talking on phone.
  • Top simultaneous media used when reading a newspaper are: watch TV, listen to the radio and go online.
  • For people listening to radio, other media simultaneously used are (top 3): engage in other activities, go online and read the newspaper.
    Web radio usage is up in all dayparts.
  • Cable is where most TV viewing takes place.
  • Dayparts which had highest number of media types increase usage over SIMM 10 – 1:00 am to 6:00 am, Noon to 4:30 pm, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm and 10:00 am to Noon.
  • Top 3 In-Store Promotions for influence of purchasing a product: Product Samples, Shelf Coupons and Special Displays.
  • Top 3 Media for triggering an online search: Magazines, Reading an article on the product and TV.
  • Blogging increases in all dayparts.

Technorati Rankings

TechnoratiThe blogosphere has mushroomed since the last time I heard an update from David Sifry. According to a post on Blogspotting, he says that the blog search engine is now indexing 112 million blogs. They rank them too.

A Technorati Ranking relates to the number of sources that point to a particular weblog relative to other weblogs. The more sources referencing a weblog, the higher the Technorati ranking.

Here’s the ranking for a couple of our sites:

Domestic Fuel 96,541
AgWired 143,900
ZimmComm.biz (this site) 305,717

Waiting For Steve Jobs

I would really loved to have gone to MacWorld this year but it just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe next year. My good friend Steve Mays went though and I’m sure I’ll get to catch up with him sometime to get a personal perspective on this annual Mac lovers event.

He apparently stood in line for 5 hours to see Steve Jobs give his keynote address. I can’t imagine doing that for anyone except the Pope. It did give him some material for a video clip though. The song is one that was played there at another event. You can find it on his blog too.

New MacBook Air

MacBook AirLast year at MacWorld the big news was the iPhone. This year there were several pretty big announcements starting with this awesome little gadget, the MacBook Air. it’s a seriously light, thin notebook and might be just the thing for the road warrior.

MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don’t lose inches and pounds overnight. It’s the result of rethinking conventions. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design. With MacBook Air, mobile computing suddenly has a new standard.

I love my MacBook Pro and although you can do the same things on a pc, it’s just a lot more fun on a Mac.

Smallest Podcast Studio I’ve Seen

Belkin iPod Podcast StudioThis has to be the smallest portable audio studio I’ve seen.

It’s the just announced Belkin iPod Podcast Studio. According to Podcasting News:

Belkin has introduced the Belkin Podcast Studio – a $100 accessory that basically turns your iPod into a mini podcasting studio – just add a mic.

Dual XLR and 1/4-inch channels give you a range of recording options. The Podcast Studio has a built-in mic and speaker are powered by their own battery, so you won’t kill your iPod battery instantaneously. Belkin expects to ship this in June.

You might also want to keep the Belkin TuneStudio in mind too.

Free NewsGator

NewsGatorMy favorite news feed service is now free. If you don’t have it you ought to get it. I use NetNewsWire on my Mac, NewsGator Go on my Blackberry and NewsGator Inbox on my pc’s.

NewsGator announced today the general availability of NetNewsWire 3.1, FeedDemon 2.6, and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile 2.0. The public beta of NewsGator Inbox 3.0 also began today. The award-winning products for PC (FeedDemon), Mac (NetNewsWire), Microsoft Outlook (Inbox), and mobile (NewsGator Go!) deliver a best-of-breed RSS reading experience that synchronizes through NewsGator’s online platform. All of the new product versions deliver a better user experience with the inclusion of significant performance, usability, and relevance enhancements.

NewsGator also announced that all of its client RSS reader products are now available free of charge and include free synchronization along with other services. Users can now enjoy the great features and performance of all of NewsGator’s Web, desktop and mobile readers for iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry (powered by FreeRange), all synchronized to provide the same view of their RSS content no matter when or where they read it.

A New Year of Online Event Coverage

The agricultural winter meeting season is kicking off and I’m at my first one, the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Nashville, TN. The Opryland Hotel will be the site of a several such meetings this year. After being here several times last year I think I’m finally getting to figure out the facility. This has to be one of the most complicated layouts of any convention facility I’ve ever been in.

Online event coverage is already shaping up to be one of the biggest components of ZimmCom’s business. We provide that service for not only our own online publications like AgWired but also for proprietary client websites like Precision Pays.

If you’ve got an event that you need outside help with photography and audio or video production then keep us in mind. We’re your online media production company.