• Featured Video:University of Florida plant pathologist Richard Raid talks about the Everglades Agricultural Area barn owl project during 2014 CTIC Conservation in Action tour.
  • ZimmNews – October 17, 2014

    ZimmNews – October 17, 2014

    2014 CTIC Conservation in Action Tour - CTIC Conservation in Action Tour of the Everglades Agricultural Area - October 14-15, 2014

    ZimmNews – October 10, 2014

    ZimmNews – October 10, 2014

    2014 AgCatalyst - The AgCatalyst event is sponsored by AdFarm with a theme of, “It’s all about the content.”

    ZimmNews – October 3, 2014

    ZimmNews – October 3, 2014

    2014 National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo - The NABCE is held in Minneapolis, MN. and Chuck was there to capture this year's event.

    ZimmNews – September 26, 2014

    ZimmNews – September 26, 2014

    2014 Canadian Farm Writers Federation Conference - The CFWF conference held October 2-5 at Prince Edward Island. Thank you Trudy Kelly Forsythe for covering the event ZimmComm.

    ZimmNews – September 19, 2014

    ZimmNews – September 19, 2014

    2014 World Dairy Expo - The New Holland Pavilions ribbon cutting took place on day one of the 2014 World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.

Blog Action Day Shows Blogger Reach

Blog Action Day GraphEarlier this week I participated in Blog Action Day through our AgWired site. Now that’s it’s past the organizers have a pretty comprehensive summary of what they accomplished. The theme was “environment.”

For example:

20,603 Blog Participated
23,327 Blog Posts (Google Blog Search)
14,631,038 RSS Readers

That RSS Readers number doesn’t count visitors to the respective websites which is a much bigger number generally speaking!

The graph below shows the frequency of terms appearing in the blogosphere courtesy of BlogTrends. Additionally “Blog Action Day” was the top Technorati search term AND tag for the day.

Pretty impressive showing for the blogging community if you ask me. That’s what I call a viral campaign.

New Digital Audio Recorder From Marantz

Marantz PMD620I’m not trying to be an equipment review site here but I get asked often enough about types of equipment to use for production, especially audio. Here’s one I’m looking forward to adding to our tool kit. It’s a Marantz PMD620. I got to demo this one at the Podcast & New Media Expo. It’s supposed to be coming out some time in November.

Here at ZimmComm New Media we’ve got a Marantz PMD 660 which is the best you can buy right now but it’s still a large form factor. So you’ve been seeing me with an Edirol R-09 and Cindy with a Zoom H-2. Of course we still have our trusty Sony MZ-B100 too. Pricing should be comparable to the Edirol from what I understand.

You can read more about the new unit on Podcasting News.

Interview With Tim Bourquin, Founder of the New Media Expo

Me interviewing Tim BourquinBefore the end of the Podcast and New Media Expo I got to interview the founder, Tim Bourquin. I was surprised to learn that Tim has a unique background that includes work as a police officer. He just saw a need for an expo of this kind when he got into podcasting and so he started one.

Next year Tim’s moving the conference to Las Vegas to as he puts it, “move it to the next level.” Over 2,000 people were registered here for this year’s conference and my guess is that there’s still a lot of growth potential. For example, I’ll bet some international expos would work well like in Europe or Asia.

Thanks to Gary Cooper, Southeast AgNet, for taking the picture while I interviewed Tim in front of the trade show entrance.

You can listen to my interview with Tim here: pnme-07-bourquin.mp3

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

Selling Advertising and Sponsorships For Your Podcast

Selling Your PodcastI’m registering my vote to have Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media, back next year for a couple of sessions.

Susan (standing on the right) got interactive with her audience in her session on “Selling Advertising and Sponsorship for Your Audio or Video Content: What You Need To Know Now.”

In an hour I think she gave one of the best advertising sales how-to’s I’ve seen. She provided information on the language of the advertising agencies and then walked us through creating a media kit, proposal, contacting the buying rep, making the pitch, following up and servicing the order/client.

It validated for me how we do business and was a good reminder of some ideas we should be implementing in our own sales efforts.

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

An Internet TV Network – Revision3

Keynote SessionThis morning’s keynote address was a conversation between Podcast and New Media Expo founder Tim Bourquin and Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3.

Revision3 is the internet television network that includes Diggnation vidcast and the GigaOM Show. “Revision3 is the first media company that gets it, born from the Internet, on-demand generation. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, clients and web sites, Revision3 is an actual TV network for the web, creating its own original content.”

The topic was Jim’s move away from traditional media to the new media space. I think his reasons mirror many who are here who have their roots in traditional media like broadcast television and radio. The creative freedom the internet provides is allowing many people to create content which can be viewed or listened to on demand and that’s becoming increasingly easy to do.

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

Podtrac Booth

Podtrac BoothI’ve gotten a lot out of the Podcast and New Media Expo already. The trade show has been helpful.

I already visited the Podtrac booth. I’ve been using Podtrac for the measurement of several of our podcasts since late last year.

Right now there are some meet ups going on and here at the Ontario Marriott, Podtrac is featuring the French Maids of French Maid TV at theirs.

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

New Media Expo Trade Show Open

Trade Show EntranceRight now I’m in a session called “Distributing Video in Various Formats: How to Make the Right Choice.” We’re learning a lot about various formats and I hope what some of the best codecs and formatting and compression choices are for making videos.

Before we got into our first session the trade show opened. I did a walk around and will be heading back there later today to check out some services and equipment.

I think I’m going to drop off my computer and backpack at my hotel because I’m tired of carrying it around. This means I’ll be doing some posts later this afternoon.

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

Interview With Susan Bratton About The ADM

Susan BrattonThe founder and CEO of Personal Life Media is Susan Bratton. She produces 22 podcasts a week and is one of the main organizers of the Association for Downloadable Media.

After our initial meeting of the new organization today I interviewed her. She explains how why she and some others have gone to the trouble of creating a new organization. Basically it has to do with creating some new media industry standards that will allow those of us who create content to better monetize our products. I’m all for that.

You can listen to my interview with Susan here: pnme-07-bratton.mp3

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

Opening Keynote With Howard Lindzon

Opening KeynoteThe Podcast and New Media Expo is officially underway. Right now we’re listening to the opening keynote session.

Expo founder, Tim Bourquin, is interviewing Howard Lindzon, who started a video podcast called WallStrip which he sold to CBS News for a reported $5 million.

Basically he’s talking about how and why he started the show and the whole process of selling the show.

Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album

Association for Downloadable Media Meeting

ADM MeetingThe Association for Downloadable Media is holding its first ever meeting in advance of the Podcast and New Media Expo. I got it a few minutes late so I don’t know who everyone is yet.

One of the main things we’re supposed to accomplish is a method to standardize advertising standards and measurement reporting for our new medium. Right now we’re hearing from people who have submitted their names for board positions and I guess we’ll be holding an election after we’re that.

I’ll be posting throughout the day as events unfold. I’m also posting photos to my Flickr account so be sure to check it periodically over the next few days: Podcast and New Media Expo Photo Album