• Featured Video:Commodity Classic 2015 trade show ribbon cutters were having a hard time with some dull scissors so it came down to a pocketknife to start the show.
  • ZimmNews – February 27, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 27, 2015

    2015 BIVI Swine Health Seminar - On the eve of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians annual meeting folks gathered to discuss PED, pig welfare and education.

    ZimmNews – February 20, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 20, 2015

    2015 Mid-South Farm & Gin Show - The show brings together farmers from Texas to Missouri to the southeast Gulf coast.

    ZimmNews – February 13, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 13, 2015

    2015 Commodity Classic - The annual mtgs. of the National Corn Growers, American Soybean Association, National Association of Wheat Growers and National Sorghum Producers.

    ZimmNews – February 6, 2015

    ZimmNews – February 6, 2015

    2015 BASF Science Behind - BASF Crop Protection hosted the 9th Science Behind media event prior to 2015 Commodity Classic in Phoenix - Feb. 25 2015.

    ZimmNews – January 23, 2015

    ZimmNews – January 23, 2015

    2015 Ag Issues Forum - The 10th annual Forum conducted by Bayer CropScience brought ag industry producers and agribusiness leaders together to discuss hot issues in agriculture.

Social Media Good Choice In Recession

According to Forrester via Podcasting News more marketers are looking online for investing dollars these days.

During a recession, marketers are often forced to reduce budgets, in fact, it’s often one of the first buckets to get trimmed. In our latest research: Social Media Playtime is Over, we found that 53% of marketers are determined to increase their social media budget during a recession, and 42% will keep it the same, a total of 95% of marketers bullish on social media marketing. Why? The reasons are obvious to some, it’s inexpensive and the opportunity to benefit from cost-effective word-of-mouth, are promising.

I’ll be presenting a breakout session at the upcoming National Agri-Marketing Conference titled, “Social Media DOES Fit in Your Marketing Decision – Moving Beyond This Decision.” Sounds like we’ll need to point to this article on Forrester.

The State of The News Media Report

This PEW Project For Excellence in Journalism has just issued a report on the state of the news media as they see it. It’s a very negative outlook and seems to overlook what a lot of independent journalists are doing today that is contributing to good quality online news content that is also providing good revenue to those who are doing it. The focus seems to be on “legacy” media companies who are not doing well and just because they didn’t see the changes in technology coming or refused to jump into them and invest in them. Of course, if you combine a bad economy on top of it things just get worse for those companies.

There’s a lot of interesting facts and figures in the report. When it comes to online though, not much is said except to point to it as one of the factors contributing to the problem these companies are facing.

But the rise in the Web ’s news audience in 2008, even at legacy news sites, only added to the crisis in facing journalism.

For it also became patently clear during the year that the economic model largely responsible for financing journalism in the old media, advertising, will not do so in the new. Online advertising over all began to slow down, and display advertising in particular, the primary ad-revenue source for news, appeared to actually decline. The internals of the data look even bleaker still.

By all appearances, the limited prospects for online advertising that supports news in 2008 became a settled issue. Even worse, little progress appeared to be made during the year in developing any new revenue models, the biggest challenge the news industry faces in its fight for survival.

New media options are now being invested in by large media companies but it may be too little too late, especially since they can’t seem to figure out a revenue model to support their huge overhead.

ADM Glossary of Terms

Association for Downloadable MediaIf you’ve wondered about the definition of a podcast or any of the other terms used to describe new media today then you might want to check out the Association of Downloadable Media’s Glossary of Terms.

The ADM Glossary is a project of the ADM Terminology Standards Committee. The terms in the glossary are derived from the advertising and measrement standards documents, along with other terms germane to downloadable media. This list is always growing, and the definitions are being refined as the state of the art evolves. The status field in each definition tells you what level of editing and review has occurred. Most terms are in the state preliminary right now, meaning an initial definition has been written, but it’s not ready for formal review. Definitions move to the draft state once the author feels the definition is complete, and then to the reviewed state once the definition has had peer review.

Association for Downloadable Media Members Adopt Standards and Measurement Guidelines

Association for Downloadable MediaThe Association for Downloadable Media has issued the following release about members (including ZimmComm New Media) adopting standards and measurement guidelines.

Ad Standards Define Industry Units and Organize Audience Reporting

Washington, DC — February 1, 2009 — The Association for Downloadable Media (ADM), which facilitates the monetization of episodic consumer-downloaded content, today announced a list of members who are in voluntary support of the first standards and guidelines agreed upon by the organization. This further advances the organization’s charter of creating a landscape favorable to the commercialization of web-delivered shows.

Both the ad standards and audience measurement guidelines were created by open committees, then offered for public comment, edited and ratified by the organization. Though many members have been following these formats as a standard practice of doing business, the member organizations are now organizing to publicly support these standards in an effort to create a scalable, organized market for advertisers to easily flight campaigns and become sponsors of episodic podcasts and vidcasts.

“Our members’ voluntary support of the ADM standards and guidelines provides structural integrity across separately-held ad networks, inventory pools and publisher assets, to create the scale needed to operate in today’s advertising marketplace,” says Chris MacDonald, Chairman of the Association for Downloadable Media. Continue Reading…

Agri-Marketing Conference Session

NAMA Session 2009At this year’s Agri-Marketing Conference I’ll be moderating a sizzling breakout session on social networking. We’re going to have some hot solutions for all of you who are scratching your heads over Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Flickr . . . Pictured are (l-r) David Coustan, Vice President, Digital, Edelman Digital, Kyle Flaherty, Director of Marketing and Social Media, BreakingPoint Systems, David Brazeal, General Manager, Learfield Data and yours truly. The session is titled, “Social Media DOES Fit in Your Marketing Decision – Moving Beyond This Decision.” Here’s the session description:

Social media is everywhere these days. It is no longer a question whether social media fits your marketing strategy. Now it’s a decision of, “How? Where? What type?” Learn how to take the first steps in answering these questions and working to complement existing strategies.

The panelists, from both inside and outside of the agriculture industry, will share real-life examples of social media successes and failures. Take their hot ideas and lessons learned to create sizzling solutions that make your organization stand out!

Dave Coustan, Vice President, Digital, Edelman Digital

Dave was one of the first official corporate bloggers for a national brand, serving as blog master and social media strategist for Fortune 1000 Internet service provider EarthLink. He has led best practices sessions on social media strategy and corporate blogging at nationwide events.

Kyle Flaherty, Director of Marketing and Social Media, BreakingPoint Systems

Kyle is an experienced social marketing and technology communications professional with a broad range of skills characterized by successes in high-tech marketing communications, public relations, social media, web development, community creation and community engagement.

David Brazeal, General Manager, Learfield Data

After attending J-School at the University of Missouri, David Brazeal worked as a radio reporter and wire service editor. Then the Internet lured him away from the newsroom. Now, he uses his experience to help clients communicate better with their customers and employees through a wide range of social media tools.

And you know who I am.

IFAJ Congress 2009 Website

IFAJ/AMSOne of our recent projects has been the development of the IFAJ Congress 2009 website. Yes, it’s a WordPress blog and as we get closer to the event in July the content is being posted more frequently. I dare say this is way better than a static web page that doesn’t ever change.

Registration is now open for the event by the way. This is a “must-attend” event for anyone in agricultural communications. I don’t care if you’re a farm broadcaster, podcaster, editor, publisher, blogger or agriblogger. You need to be there.

It’s not just that there will be good professional development sessions although that’s reason enough. It’s also because this is your chance to interact with some great people from around the world who will be attending. Many of them will be coming to the United States for the first time. Let’s give them a fantastic welcome.

It’s the first time that the IFAJ Congress has been combined with an event like the Agricultural Media Summit and I think it’s going to go down as the best ever. There are a lot of people working to make it so. Maybe our new administration in DC will find a way to participate.

Ustream.tv App for iPhone

Inauguration PhotoMy main man, Steve Mays, the Obamanator, is on the ground in Washington, DC to attend today’s inauguration. He’s blogging it and tweeting it, using Flickr and even some video. I’d rather watch his coverage than any of the network blather. We may be miles apart politically but he does a good job and gets the new media thing better than most.

I’m not sure where I’ll be at actual inauguration time. Heck, I’ve got to look up what time it is. I haven’t really been that interested. However, I did download the new Ustream.tv app to my iPhone and it works great here at KCI Airport wifi. It requires a wifi connection but allows you to watch live streaming video like Agwired Live TV! They’re supposed to have a live feed from the event. You can already watch some live webcam video from the area.

Just think of the possibilities for events of your own!

Using Skype For Recorded Interviews

I found a great tutorial for setting up Skype to record phone interviews in case you have the need. I’ve been using Skype to do this for some time now but this gave me some new ideas to try out.

You can find it on Blogarithms.

Make Sure You Really Have a Blog

I just can’t say this any better than Dean Froslie did at Sundog. Saying you’ve got a blog when you really don’t is just one of my pet peeves. It fosters misunderstanding at best.

In recent months, I’ve noticed a few instances of “blogs” that are simply long pages of text. (A favorite sports talk show host is one example.) There’s no way to comment, no way to receive posts by RSS or e-mail, no categorization, and no way to link directly to a post. The content likely gets read, but it requires more reader effort and lacks the conversation and community-building.

Merry Christmas From ZimmComm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From ZimmComm