• Featured Video:Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Krysta Harden visits with Elevance during the United Soybean Board Biobased Products Stakeholders' Dialogue - June 17, 2014 - George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • ZimmNews – June 20, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 20, 2014

    2014 USB Soy Biobased Dialogue - United Soybean Board Biobased Products Stakeholders Dialogue - Washington DC

    ZimmNews – June 13, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 13, 2014

    2014 Fuel Ethanol Workshop - The 30th annual FEW event keyed into 'Where Producers Meet."

    ZimmNews – June 6, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 6, 2014

    2014 ASTA Convention - The 131st American Seed Trade Association Annual Convention took place in Indianapolis.

    ZimmNews – May 30, 2014

    ZimmNews – May 30, 2014

    2014 BASF Media Event - BASF hosted ag media in Raleigh, NC to share insights into their new products and give an opportunity for lots of Q & A.

    ZimmNews – May 23, 2014

    ZimmNews – May 23, 2014

    USFRA Food Dialogues - Chicago - The June 2014 Food Dialogues discussion took place in Chicago with the theme Integrity in Food Marketing. #FoodD

Consumer Perception of Ag Needs Improving

It looks like agriculture has a ways to go to change public perceptions according to our latest ZimmPoll. In answer to the question, “Do you think the general consumer perception of agriculture changed in 2010?” 43% say “No it didn’t really change,” while 30% say “Yes, it got worse,” and 27% said “Yes, it improved.” Where do you fall in those categories? That’s 73% of our respondents who think it didn’t change or got worse. Sounds like we really do need some campaigns to reach out to consumers doesn’t it?

The new poll is now live and the question is, “What do you think will have the biggest influence on ag in 2011?” There are no doubt many factors that will have an influence. We’ve picked a couple. When I post the results next week you can add any others you’d like to the discussion.

Remember, you can submit your questions for us to pose and add your feedback anytime by using the comment feature.

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Happy Christmas From ZimmComm New Media

Latest ZimmPoll Show Strong Social Media Participation

Latest ZimmPoll results. In answer to the question, “Do you participate in social media?” the majority say they do. According to the numbers, 53% say yes and they post regularly, 28% say yes but they rarely create their own posts, 27% say no and they never will and only 1% say no but plan to start participating soon.

It is possible, as has been pointed out to me, that our results might be skewed slightly since so much of this particular poll question is being seen by those who already participate in social media. I can see that. However, we have a lot of website visitors who I’m sure are not yet social media savvy.

The new poll is now live and the question is, “Do you think the general consumer perception of agriculture changed in 2010?” This should resonate since the whole topic of consumer perception of farming is so top of mind right now. In fact, it has given rise to new agricultural organization efforts like the USFRA and of course it is one of the goals of the AgChat Foundation to help consumers better understand where their food comes from and who is producing it and how. Can’t wait to see the results from this one!

ZimmPoll is sponsored by Rhea+Kaiser, a full-service advertising/public relations agency.

NAAA Convention Coverage

One of the December events covered by ZimmComm New Media was the National Aerial Aviation Association convention in Savannah, GA. I took hundreds of photos and some video as well as conducting interviews that were posted onto AgWired and Precision Pays.

You can find photos in my online photo album: NAAA Convention Photo Album

Thanks go to BASF for once again being our sponsor for this convention. The NAAA members serve a very vital role in the agriculture industry and I was happy to see them having a great year.

Our First ZimmPoll Is In The Can

The results of the first ZimmPoll are in. The question was “How do you think agricultural interests will fare in the new Farm Bill?” We thought we’d give you an easy one to start. The results were pretty well mixed with “Too early to tell” getting the most votes. You can add your comments about the question or the results using the comment feature here at the bottom of the post. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Our first poll had participation from 5 countries including 25 states in the U.S. The top ten states with participants were IL, CA, VA, IN, NJ, TX, KS, MO, NY and SD. Thanks to all of you.

The new poll is now live and the question is, “Do you participate in social media?” Social media consists of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, podcasts and a whole variety of other services. Let us know by taking the poll and next week we’ll post the results and you can add your comments add feedback at that time. Feel free to suggest questions for our poll anytime too.

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ZimmComm Survey Winner

Jamie Wilson with the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan was the first winner in our ZimmComm survey contest .

The Domestic Fuel reader was chosen from almost 200 entries – those who had filled out a survey on one or more of our four primary on-line publications to help us learn more about our audiences – to win $250. All those who have already filled out the survey will remain in the running for the next drawing at the end of this month for another 250 bucks.

Some interesting results we have found so far from the first month of our survey:

Domestic Fuel got the most survey responses, which makes sense since it has the most traffic. The majority of respondents were either existing producers (12.5%) or in marketing/sales for biofuels (10%)

On World Dairy Diary, one quarter of respondents said they were actual dairy farmers and over 35 percent said they followed WDD on Twitter.

Over 30% of the respondents for Agwired are in advertising, marketing, communications or public relations. Almost 40% said they read Agwired 4-7 times a week and the same amount follow on Twitter.

One third of the respondents on Precision Pays are crop farmers and all of them grow corn and soybeans.

We have almost enough entries at this point to be statistically significant, which is great, but we intend to keep it going at least through the end of January. The more responses we get, the better we can know who is in our audience to serve you better. Yes, we have to ask for all the personal info like name and address, but we will not share that with anyone else. We just simply want to get a better handle on who you are and what you want to read about.

Agwired Survey
Domestic Fuel Survey
Precision Pays Survey
World Dairy Diary Survey

The ZimmPoll Launches Today

Starting today we’re launching a new feature on all the ZimmComm New Media news websites. This is a weekly quick-vote style poll which we’re affectionately calling the ZimmPoll.

The ZimmPoll is designed to gauge opinions on a range of topics, including agriculture and agribusiness, emerging technologies and consumer trends. Look for a new poll each week in the sidebar on AgWired.com, DomesticFuel.com, PrecisionPays.com and WorldDairyDiary.com.

The ZimmPoll is sponsored by Rhea + Kaiser. “Target-audience opinions and insights are key to the success of all of our businesses today,” says Diane Martin, president and CEO of R+K. “We hope ZimmComm readers will benefit from – and have a little fun with – these real-time opinions of their ag industry peers.”

Start now and stay tuned for a new ZimmPoll each week. You’ll see results immediately, and we’ll also publish a weekly results recap where you’ll be able to share additional comments and ask questions about the week’s poll question.

ZimmPoll is sponsored by Rhea+Kaiser, a full-service advertising/public relations agency.

Celebrating With NAFB

This year’s National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention was typically good and busy, especially the Trade Talk session. We took photos for NAFB which you can find in our online album. There are already thousands of views. This photo of NAFB Executive Director, Mark Vail is just one of them.

During the convention we conducted interviews with various NAFB members to post onto AgWired. You can learn more about what the organization is doing by following our coverage. The Trade Talk session yielded about 30 interviews with exhibitors. We’re still working on getting those posted on AgWired and other ZimmComm news sites.

I conducted a professional improvement session on new technology for the farm broadcaster and hope it will be a regular session in coming years.

Cindy and I have been to 24 NAFB conventions. Hard to believe but true.

Looking for Audience Answers

The more eyeballs we have looking at our online publications, the more people want to know just who they are.

It stands to reason that the majority of our 15,000 unique visitors a month on World Dairy Diary are somehow involved in the dairy business. We can tell where the most traffic comes from in terms of geography, search engines and links. But, we really don’t know much of anything else about them.

We know by word of mouth and feedback that a large percentage of the agribusiness and agri-marketing community are among the 18,000 unique visitors each month on Agwired. Who are the rest of them? It is one of the drawbacks to having a free and open information service.

So, we had to do one of those things that everybody hates – a survey. We thought carefully about what to use as an incentive and finally decided on what we usually decide on for wedding presents – money. It’s something everyone can use and it’s the easiest thing to mail to the winner.

We came up with customized surveys for each of our four main publications – Agwired, Domestic Fuel, Precision Pays and World Dairy Diary – asking for all that personal information that people hate to share, like name and location. In return, people who fill out the survey are entered to win in a random drawing for $250 at the end of the month for both November and December. We are also asking for some input about what people would like to see stories about on each of the sites. We have a strict privacy policy that we will not share any of your personal information.

If you are a regular reader of any of these sites – please take about 2 minutes and fill out the survey and maybe win $250 in extra Christmas cash! At the very least you will experience the warm glow of satisfaction at having helped give us a better idea of who our audiences are and how to serve them better.

Agwired Survey
Domestic Fuel Survey
Precision Pays Survey
World Dairy Diary Survey

World Soybean Champ Does it Again

kip cullersMissouri farmer Kip Cullers proved once again this year that he is the “Super Soybean
Rock Star” by setting yet another world record yield of 160.6 bushels per acre in his contest plot. That beats his old record by about five bushels. This is the third time Kip has set a record and he remains the champion of the world! He is one of only two members in the Missouri Soybean 100 Bushel Club. For those of you not very familiar with soybean farming, an average yield for beans in Missouri is about 40 bushels per acre.

I was thrilled to be able to go and see Kip honored by the governor of Missouri for his accomplishment. His farm is located about 200 miles southwest of ZimmComm World Headquarters, so it was a seven hour round trip, and worth every minute of it. It is always a pleasure to see Kip, his wife Michelle, and their children Noah, Naaman and Narissa. It’s an even greater pleasure to do so at the request of our wonderful client BASF Crop Protection and our very good friend Pat Morrow.

BASF is encouraging people to send congratulations to Kip for his accomplishment on their Facebook page under the Super Soy tab. You can also send congrats by Twitter using the hashtag #supersoy.

View or download photos from Kip’s big announcement here:
Kip Cullers 2010 Soybean Record