• Featured Video:Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Krysta Harden visits with Elevance during the United Soybean Board Biobased Products Stakeholders' Dialogue - June 17, 2014 - George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • ZimmNews – June 20, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 20, 2014

    2014 USB Soy Biobased Dialogue - United Soybean Board Biobased Products Stakeholders Dialogue - Washington DC

    ZimmNews – June 13, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 13, 2014

    2014 Fuel Ethanol Workshop - The 30th annual FEW event keyed into 'Where Producers Meet."

    ZimmNews – June 6, 2014

    ZimmNews – June 6, 2014

    2014 ASTA Convention - The 131st American Seed Trade Association Annual Convention took place in Indianapolis.

    ZimmNews – May 30, 2014

    ZimmNews – May 30, 2014

    2014 BASF Media Event - BASF hosted ag media in Raleigh, NC to share insights into their new products and give an opportunity for lots of Q & A.

    ZimmNews – May 23, 2014

    ZimmNews – May 23, 2014

    USFRA Food Dialogues - Chicago - The June 2014 Food Dialogues discussion took place in Chicago with the theme Integrity in Food Marketing. #FoodD

ZimmNews – Jan. 25, 2013

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

It has been an interesting week as we’ve watched animal rights activists in action and showing their complete lack of civility and professionalism. We experienced it firsthand via comments on story posts and observed it during this week’s AgChat Twitter conversation on animal welfare. They probably think they can discourage farmers and those who support the people who are helping feed a hungry world but they would be wrong. We find continued inspiration from the stories and activities of today’s farmers like those recently selected as the Faces of Farming by the USFRA.

The coming week will be a busy one for the ZimmComm team. Chuck will be covering the AG CONNECT Expo while Cindy is in Iowa for the Iowa Power Farming Show courtesy of Ag Leader Technology and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. At the same time Jamie Johansen will be covering the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta courtesy of Novus International.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Should we sit down with HSUS in ‘common cause’?”

The results of this poll are skewed due to the hacking by HSUS. In the end, the poll read that eighty one percent voted Definitely, fifteen percent said Never, and four percent thought we Should in some cases. The attempt to affect our poll reflects the HSUS/PETA goal of an end to animal agriculture. They are working to get the livestock industry to make concessions that drastically change production methods. When that happens it becomes a very slippery slope very quickly. It will only be a short matter of time before allowing chickens more room in cages becomes allowing all animals the right to life. Treating animals humanely is not the same as treating them like they are humans – but many activists see no difference.

The hacking we are referring to was having almost 400 poll responses to the Definitely answer come in during a few hours one night last week and none since. If you take them out, the answer Never would have been the highest result by far.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “How many machines (tractors, etc.) does your farm own?” Some of the urban folk believe that if you own more than 1-2 pieces of machinery, that would classify you as a large farmer. We disagree with that. So let’s see how many pieces of equipment most farmers/ranchers own. Let us know!

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:

DuPont Pioneer Press Conference on new T-Series Soybeans
Jessica Robinson, National Biodiesel Board, gives conference preview
Luke Bozeman, BASF, talks about weed resistance

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ZimmNews – Jan. 18, 2013

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Winter farm meeting time is in high gear. Chuck attended the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting in Nashville, TN this week and you can find his photos and interviews on AgWired. At the same time Cindy was attending a BASF Crop Protection Innovation Symposium for farmers in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Next up on the schedule is the last week of this month and it includes the International Poultry Expo courtesy of Novus International; AG CONNECT Expo & Summit; Iowa Power Farming Show courtesy of Ag Leader Technology and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. We’ll see you from all those places.

It’s a lot of travel time away from ZimmComm World Headquarters but we get to spend time with the greatest folks in the world. We have made so many friends over the years and value the time we get to work side by side them “out in the field.” We hope to see you somewhere soon.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question,”What do you think is top story of 2012?”

Our poll results: It looks like the majority of you at fifty-seven percent felt like “The Drought” was the top story for 2012. “No Farm Bill” came in at fourteen percent and ten percent said “USDA Meatless Monday Uproar.”

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Should we sit down with HSUS in “common cause?” Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s comments at the AFBF annual meeting this week about sitting down in common cause have attracted a number of comments on AgWired and on social networks. So we thought this week’s poll might produce some interesting feedback. Let us know what you think.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:
Brian McIntyre, VP of Broadband, DISH, talks about expanding dishNET offerings to rural America
Zack Hunnicutt, Nebraska farmer, new Chair of the AFBF YF&R Committee
Archie Manning, former NFL quarterback, talks family, faith and football
Janice Person, Monsanto, on social media and farmers
Paul Rea, BASF, talks about communicating with farmer customers
Randy Childress, FMC, talks about Display results
Sec. of Ag Vilsack speech to AFBF annual mtg.

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ZimmNews – Jan. 11, 2013

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm team is back on the agriblogging highway with stops in San Antonio, Key West and Nashville. That’s an interesting mix. Cindy attended the last Beltwide Cotton Conferences (in the format that included a trade show) while Chuck was working with the NAMA Exec. Comm. on organizational business. From there he travels to Nashville for the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting. You can expect to see his coverage of that meeting starting this weekend.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “How do you feel about the fiscal cliff compromise?”

Our poll results: Forty-one percent said Sick of Congress; thirty-two percent said Disgusted; 15 percent said Disappointed; five percent said Pleased and Hopeful; and one percent said Thrilled. Looks like the majority of you are tired of hearing about Congress!

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What do you think is top story of 2012?” 2012 was a wild year for farmers. What do you think the top story was? We’re listing the top ones we’ve seen here and on other farm news sites like AgriMarketing.com. There certainly are more stories. Feel free to add your ideas if they’re not on the list here in comments or in comments on the poll.

Here are some interviews from the last week that you might have missed:
Mark Lange, National Cotton Council President, Washington update
Rusty Mitchel, FMC, on new Display for cotton
Chuck Coley, Chairman, National Cotton Council, optimistic about 2013
Kenneth Hood, producer/cotton ginner, on Beltwide conference changes
Allen Wilson, Harvest Masters, on new Mirus software

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ZimmNews – Jan. 4, 2013

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

Welcome to the new year! It’s already off to a fast start for ZimmComm New Media. We’ve been taking a look at all the 2012 statistics. By that I mean website traffic, social media impressions, what stories got the most individual attention, etc. It’s very interesting. It also showcases very clearly how difficult it is to compile all this data into a meaningful report. There’s just so much of it. I guess we’re creating big data now!

Consider AgWired for a minute. In order to find out total impressions in a month you have to look up Google Analytics for “traditional” traffic to the website itself. Then you have to look up Flurry data to see how many devices have the AgWired App on them and how often users check AgWired on it (that number is 1.6 times/day on avg. btw). Then you have to look up impressions for all the websites that display the AgWired Widget via Widgetbox. We then look up social media impressions via Sprout Social for Twitter and Facebook. You also have to add in this weekly ZimmNews impressions via Constant Contact and the number of subscribers to AgWired’s RSS feed via Feedburner. Finally, we use Awstats to look up individual file downloads (audio interviews, etc). I’m out of breath just thinking about it! But suffice it to say that the audience (impressions) is significant and has grown tremendously since we started AgWired back in August of 2004. Over 8 years of agriblogging. Who’d have thought?

Speaking of the AgWired App. We’re seeking a new sponsor. There are currently over 6,500 devices with the app on it and it is being checked on average 1.6 times per day. There may actually be many more since we didn’t get good data capture set up when we first launched the app a couple of years ago. I could speculate but let’s just deal with the numbers we can see now. On the iOS platform over 80% of our users are heavy news/magazine readers and over 60% are very into technology/gadgets. Sound like anyone you know?

So, If you’re interested in becoming the next AgWired App sponsor please let Chuck or Dave Larson know. We would be happy to come up with some creative ideas for your sponsorship that would go beyond just posting your ads into the app itself. Very big thanks go out to Raven for being the inaugural sponsor of the AgWired App. It took a company as technically innovative as Raven to see the opportunity that our growing mobile audience would create!

We’ll be getting back on the agriblogging highway next week as Cindy heads to San Antonio for the Beltwide Cotton Conference courtesy of sponsor FMC. It’s the last time the conference will be held in the format that includes a trade show so it will be a historic event. Chuck will head to Key West for a NAMA executive committee mtg. before heading to Nashville for the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting. We’re off to the races.

We’d like to thank Rhea + Kaiser for being the inaugural sponsor of our ZimmPoll two years ago! We started a trend as we soon saw a number of other entities begin regular online polling!

Now let’s welcome and say thanks to our new ZimmPoll sponsor, New Holland Agriculture. We’ll be working closely with New Holland to develop timely and industry pertinent questions throughout 2013. Please feel free to chime in with your ideas and participate when you can.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “How would you rate 2012? 1 = Poor, 5 = Excellent”

Our poll results: Thirty percent said 3; twenty six percent said 4; seventeen percent said 5; seventeen said 1; eleven percent said 2. By the looks of our poll most of you thought 2012 was a pretty good year. Hopefully, you will feel the same about 2013.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, ” How do you feel about the fiscal cliff compromise?” Most early industry comments we’ve seen express disappointment since we only have a temporary extension of the farm bill among other things. What do you think?

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Appy New Year from ZimmComm New Media

Appy New Year from ZimmCommAppy New Year from the ZimmComm Team.

We’re betting that many of you now have a new smartphone or tablet. So whether it’s an iPad of any version or an Android you can get your ZimmComm news on it most easily via the AgWired App! Within the app you’ll also find the news feeds from all of our ZimmComm News Network websites, AgWired.com; DomesticFuel.com; PrecisionPays.com and WorldDairyDiary.com. You’ll also find our main Twitter feeds and the feed from our YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Best of all it’s Free!

So click here to find out where you can get the AgWired App and have an Appy New Year.

Where in the World was ZimmComm in 2012?

Once again, 2012 was busier than the year before when it comes to traveling. ZimmComm – mostly me and Chuck, but also Joanna and Jamie this year – attended 67 different events in 2012. Here is where we were:

Starting off the year looking for a house in Pensacola, Florida and did all of our travel for the month from the beach, going to –

Honolulu for the AFBF Annual Mtg.
Jacksonville for a NAMA Exec Comm mtg.
Orlando with FMC for the Beltwide Cotton Conferences
Des Moines – Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit
Atlanta with Novus for International Poultry Expo
Nashville with Cattlemen’s Beef Board and NCBA for Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show

Returned to central Missouri after making an offer on a house just north of Pensacola and had a busy month of travel to –

Orlando for National Biodiesel Conference
Bettandorf, Iowa in Pursuit of Maximum Yields with FS GreenPlan Solutions
Collinsville, Illinois in Pursuit of Maximum Yields with FS GreenPlan Solutions
Louisville with AgLeader, Fastline, FMC and New Holland for National Farm Machinery Show
Orlando with Renewable Fuels Association for National Ethanol Conference
Nashville for Bayer CropScience Ag Issues Forum
Nashville for BASF Science Behind Future of Weed Control

Jamie at Alltech SymposiumMarch and April
Getting ready to re-locate world headquarters to the Florida panhandle in between trips to –

Nashville with New Holland, BASF and John Deere for Commodity Classic
Washington DC with ASTA and Agri-Pulse for National Ag Day
Denver for BIVI Swine Health Seminar
Charleston, SC for Ag Relations Council annual meeting
Various locations in Illinois on GROWMARK media tour
Kansas City for NAMA
New Holland, PA for New Holland Media Event

ZimmComm at NAMA ConventionMay and June
Getting unpacked, settled in and used to traveling through Atlanta to get anywhere –

Arlington, VA with NCBA and USB for Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Meeting
Lexington for Alltech International Symposium
Mississippi Delta with Agrotain for CTIC Conservation in Action Tour
Indianapolis with NCGA for National Corn Utilization Technology Conference
Chicago for BASF Ag Solutions Media Summit
Minneapolis for Fuel Ethanol Workshop
Des Moines with BIVI for World Pork Expo
Washington DC for ASTA annual meeting
Minneapolis for NAMA Exec. Comm. mtg.
Des Moines for John Deere FarmSight Tech Summit

Cindy at Commodity ClassicJuly and August

May have been our busiest months ever –

Indian Creek Watershed Illinois with AGROTAIN for CTIC field tour
Vincent, Iowa for Wyffles Hybrids Corn Strategies
Ames, Iowa for FMC Anthem Field Plot Tours
Indianapolis with John Deere for International Precision Ag Conference
Panama City Beach for Southern Peanut Growers Conference
RTP, NC for Bayer CropScience Greenhouse 5 opening
Chicagoland Speedway with Illinois corn Growers for NASCAR race
Sioux Falls, SD for Raven Innovation Summit
Denver for Cattle Industry Summer conference
Ames, IA for visit to Ag Leader Technology Headquarters
Albuquerque with FMC for Ag Media Summit
Detroit for USB Biobased Stakeholders Summit
Little Rock, Ark for AgCareers HR Roundtable
Omaha for American Coalition for Ethanol 25th annual meeting
Wrightsville Beach, NC for BIVI Swine Health Seminar
Sweden for International Federation of Agricultural Journalists congress
Collinsville, IL for Bayer CropScience Respect the Rotation field day
Kansas City for NAMA Boot Camp and AgChat Agvocacy 2.0
Boone, IA with AgLeader, New Holland, Monsanto and John Deere for Farm Progress Show
Chicago for GROWMARK annual meeting

September through December
Quieter than the previous two months but still on the road quite a bit –

Chicagoland Speedway with Illinois Corn Growers for NASCAR
Minneapolis for NAMA Fall conference
Madison, WI with Charleston Orwig and New Holland for World Dairy Expo
New Orleans with RFA for Congress for Automotive Repair and Service
Des Moines with Elanco for World Food Prize
Tulare, CA for O.H. Kruse dealer appreciations
Minneapolis with RFA for Export Exchange
Indianapolis for Agronomics Conference and NSFMRA
Kansas City with BASF and FMC for NAFB
New York City with USFRA for Food Dialogues
Kansas City with BIVI for PRRS Seminar
Savannah, GA with BASF for NAAA annual convention
Chicago for ASTA CSS 2012 and Seed Expo

ZimmNews – Dec. 28, 2012

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

We hope everyone has had a very blessed and merry Christmas. We wish you a very happy New Year too!

The ZimmComm Team gets back on the agriblogging highway in just over a week as Chuck attends a NAMA Executive Committee mtg. before heading to Nashville for the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting while Cindy attends the Beltwide Cotton Conference. We’re looking forward to a great 2013 as we are out and about with friends and clients involved in the greatest industry there is!

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What kind of Christmas tree do you have?”

Our poll results: Fifty-one percent said artificial tree; thirty-three percent said real tree; eleven percent said none and four percent said other. These results surprised us but between people with allergies and the convenience and reusability of artificial maybe they shouldn’t have.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “How would you rate 2012? 1 = Poor, 5 = Excellent” There were a lot of big news items this year: the Olympics; Presidential election; Drought; Hurricane Sandy; the death of Whitney Houston; the new iPad and iPhone. But how did the headlines affect your year? Did it make it a stellar year or just a ho-hum kind of year? Let us know, and Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from ZimmComm New Media

Merry Christmas from ZimmComm

ZimmNews – Dec. 21, 2012

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas this coming week. It’s that wonderful time of the year when we can slow down a little and spend time with family and friends. We are counting our blessings which include a successful relocation to Florida and a fantastic year of business. 2013 is already shaping up to be another year of growth for ZimmComm New Media as we come to the end of nine years in business!

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “How do you plan to travel this holiday?”

Our poll results: Fifty-seven percent said car; twenty percent said people are coming to my house; nine percent said I’m boycotting the holidays; six percent said other; three percent said plane, bus and walk; and no one is taking the train. Looks like the roads will be full of travelers this holiday season so be safe as they’re talking about the possibility of a white Christmas!

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “What kind of Christmas tree do you have?” We thank all the Christmas tree farmers out there for all they do. Let us know what kind of tree you have!

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:
Barry Lee, Superior Graphite, talks about Seed SLIK and spring planting
Elizabeth Bagby, Alltech, talks about branding
Kay Johnson Smith, Animal Ag Alliance, talks about animal care
Jim Reiss, Precision Laboratories, talks about Volare DC and aerial application

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ZimmNews – Dec. 14, 2012

Hello ZimmComm Fans:

The ZimmComm team is enjoying some time away from the agriblogging highway. However, team member Jamie Johansen did attend the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and Missouri Beef Industry Council annual meeting this week. We’ve still got more interviews to share from recent activities and we’ll also report on what we see and hear that you might be interested in. So don’t go away. There will be a lot to share over the holidays.

Looking ahead to 2013, our calendar keeps getting places and events added to it. Is your event on there? Or perhaps you’d like to sponsor our coverage of an industry event. The new ZimmComm Media Kit is now available (pdf). Feel free to download and add us to your media/marketing mix. Thank you.

Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, ” What will expiring biotech patents mean for agriculture?”

Our poll results: fifty-two percent said more options; twenty-one percent said don’t know enough about it; fourteen percent said export concerns; ten percent said nothing and three percent said other.

Learn more about this issue from Cindy’s coverage of last week’s ASTA CSS in Chicago.

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “How do you plan to travel this holiday?” The price of fuel and a plane ticket usually increases around the holiday, so will that change how you travel this year? Or does it really not matter – you’re getting there the quickest way possible! Let us know.

Here are some interviews from this week you might have missed:
Dan Kurdys, Asgrow, on Asgrow 4P System and the new agSeedSelect app
Peter Innes, Chairman/CEO of Becker Underwood & now Global Senior Advisor to the BASF Crop Protection division
Dr. Eric Moore, Merck Animal Health, on BRD in cattle
Steve Elliott, Alltech, beef discussion dinner at Global 500

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