Event Blogging Example

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Blogging an event. How many of you have heard of this? Probably not many. We’re pioneering a whole new concept in journalism. What do we call it? Online journalism? What do you call it when I attend an event and post numerous pictures, audio and even video files which are usually posted while the event is happening or immediately after it’s over?

Got My Mobile Broadband Card

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Sprint Broadband CardHere’s a new tool in the road warrior kit. A mobile broadband connection card. I’m a Sprint guy and I finally got one of their new Connection Card for my notebook. Sprint now has their EV-DO broadband working in most major cities and to get that high speed internet connection you need a card like this. My old one just won’t cut it. However, with a 2 year agreement these are cheap. Then I’ve got an unlimited data account for $59.00/mo. I am usually in Sprint service just about everywhere so I’m hoping this will save on those $5 to $11/day connections you get hit with everywhere (airports, hotels, etc.). I’ll bet I’ve spent twice this monthly fee in the last month for example. So . . . we’ll see how it works. They promise great high speed connections and I’ve heard good things about it.

Are Businesses Blogging

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The answer is no. Businesses don’t blog, people do. Businesses may have someone create a blog and post to it but it still takes a real live person to do it. So a better question is, are businesses allowing employees to blog and especially about the business? The answer is yes and increasingly.

Happy 4th

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God Bless AmericaWe wish you and your family a very happy 4th of July celebration.

Stay safe and enjoy the fireworks wherever you are.

How I Blog – Part Two

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In the first post in this series I wrote out a list of all the hardware and software I use with links to all of them. In this post I’m going to address what I do with all that. There are any number of ways to blog and everyone will develop their own style and processes. A lot depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, on several of our blogs like AgWired, I’m posting as a reporter and often on location from an event. If all you’re trying to do is an infrequent post about your company you may not need to use many of my techniques. So take what you will from this and email me if you’ve got questions or suggestions.

How I Blog

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For those of you who are thinking about how you get into the blogging mode I’ve decided to write a couple posts on this subject. This is part one of a 2 parter. Expect part 2 sometime in the next week. I’m going to start by describing the tools, things like software and hardware that I use. They I’m going to go over my technique and how I approach a post.

People Listen To The Whole Podcast

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PodtracWhile a lot of people are sitting around wondering if this podcasting things is going anywhere and if anyone is listening, one company is doing research to find out. Podtrac, which claims to have the largest database of demographic information on the people who listen to podcasts just released the results of their quarterly survey. Here’s some interesting findings:

Conducting Australian Workshop

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Porter Novelli Adelaide GroupI just finished a blogging and podcasting workshop with the Porter Novelli agency in Adelaide, Australia. I only wish I had been able to be there in person. This fine looking group did send me a picture from during the presentation. I had control of their computer with NetMeeting and we were on speakerphone.

Event Blogging Example

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Pace TruckI thought I’d provide you with an example of the way I like to conduct event coverage via blog. This week I’m attending the Indianapolis 500 and my primary coverage is on our Domestic Fuel website. The following is one of the posts from Thursday that shows you a good mix of media types that can be done. This was posted to the website before the afternoon was over. Think of how you can do this (or outsource to us) for your events. Let me know if you’d like more information. Here’s my post: