ZimmNews – May 1, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The ZimmComm Team had a relatively quiet week getting things caught up and preparing for May activities like the Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholder’s Summit. We’re tightening up loose ends and getting things done on the never ending to-do list.
At the recent Agri-Marketing Conference the ZimmComm booth featured a Zimmfographic to help you understand how the ZimmComm News Network is structured and provide some statistics to show how we are making impressions and generating online content. Take a look if you’d like.
Our latest ZimmPoll asked, “What is your favorite alternative fuel (to gasoline)?” Not surprising was ethanol at the top of the list. Surprising was that solar came in second!
Our new ZimmPoll is sparked by the growing number of poultry farms finding the high path avian flu. So we’re asking, “How will high path avian flu affect industry?” Let us know what you think.
Here are some audio files you might have missed this week:
Darren Coppock, Ag Retailers Association President, on food labeling act
Dr. Ashley Peterson, National Chicken Council, on the science behind food safety
Senator Pat Roberts taking questions from farm broadcasters
Tim Laatsch, GROWMARK, with crop update
Bayer Bee Care Center Anniversary remarks from Jim Blome, Becky Langer, Bayer & Dr. Richard Reich, North Carolina Dept of Ag
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ZimmNews – April 24, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
It has been a beautiful week of sunshine at ZimmComm World Headquarters. Chuck and Cindy got to enjoy some down time with family on the beach! But it’s back to work after a little post-NAMA recovery mode.
In May Chuck and Jamie will become REBELS with Alltech during REBELation and you agrimarketers are invited to join them. Learn more about how you can register for this annual world class event featuring the entrepreneurial genius of company founder Dr. Pearse Lyons.
Jamie just attended the Chicken Media Summit conducted by the National Chicken Council. You can find stories and photos from her trip on Animal.AgWired.com.
Here is some audio from the past week you might have missed:
White House Climate Change Initiative Announcement
Tom Super, National Chicken Council, on industry myths
Aaron Locker, FMC, on joining Field to Market
USB, Soybean Stakeholders press conf. from China
Dr. John Glisson, US Poultry & Egg Association on high path avian flu
Allison Stephey, GROWMARK, on intern program
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ZimmNews – April 17, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The ZimmComm Team stormed Kansas City and the 2015 Agri-Marketing Conference You can live it in pictures through the efforts of Chuck, Cindy, Taylor and Jamie. There is a lot more to share from this year’s convention on AgWired.com. Chuck and Cindy will be visiting daughter Carly in Columbia before traveling south to see grand babies near Springfield, MO. So, by Monday you’ll see more regular posting.
The 25th Brownfield Party took place at the Dubliner. What happens at the Dubliner . . . But we will have lots of photos to share by first of the week.
Safe travels to every one and a big thank you to the NAMA volunteer members and staff who put together another great celebration of Growing Greatness!
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ZimmNews – April 10, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
It has been a fantastic ending to the week for AgNerds. Today the AgriBlogger placed an order for an Apple Watch You’ll be able to read his review in a future AgNerd Cloud column after he receives it. Today is also the day that Android lovers can purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6. You might guess it but the AgriBlogger traded his S4 mini for an S6! Now he’s got an AT&T iPhone 6 and a Verizon S6. We should give him a score of 12 for that.
Speaking of the AgriBlogger, he’s now taking your questions on all things AgNerdish. Social media, gadgets, blogging, podcasting, search engines, analytics, you name it. If he doesn’t know the answer he’ll make it up, er, find it for you. Just email him or message him somehow or other. There are so many ways now.
Our new ZimmPoll this week switches to the alternative fuel industry. Our question is, “What is your favorite alternative fuel (to gasoline)? Please let us know. And thank you New Holland for continuing to be the sponsor of our weekly ZimmPoll.
The ZimmComm team has put the final touches on 2015 Agri-Marketing Conference plans. We’ll be the official NAMA photographers once again. If you’d like to have a special photo taken during the conference just ask Chuck, Cindy, Jamie or Taylor. See you there next week.
Here is some audio from this week you might have missed:
Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) talks about nutrition
Cinch Munson, PERC, talks about Propane Farm Incentive Program
Alexis Taylor, USDA-FAS, talks about Trade Promotion Authority
Charlie O’Brien, AEM, talks about industry adjusting to lower farm equipment sales
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ZimmNews – April 2, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
In observance of Good Friday ZimmComm New Media offices will be closed. The team wishes everyone a very happy and blessed Easter and Easter season. We’ll be back in action on Monday.
Looking ahead on the schedule there are a number of events that are open for sponsorship of our special brand of online coverage. Here’s a list of some of them:
Agricultural Relations Council Annual Mtg. – June
InfoAg precision ag conference – July
Cattle Industry Summer Conference – July
NAMA Bootcamp – August
NAMA Fall Conference – September
IFAJ Congress – October
NAFB Convention – November
National Agricultural Aviation Association Convention – December
Please contact Chuck to discuss a creative sponsorship package of any of these events to promote your brand.
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ZimmNews – March 27, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
We’re fast approaching time for the annual Agri-Marketing Conference Will we see you there? ZimmComm will be on-location in the Connection Point again this year. Come find us. Oh, and get yourself registered if you haven’t already! It will make Jenny happy.
Speaking of annual meetings . . . You can see the schedule for this summer’s Ag Media Summit now and make your hotel reservations. We’ve got ours made.
Jamie was on the road this week in Washington, DC covering the American Coalition for Ethanol legislative fly-in. You can find her coverage on DomesticFuel.com.
In our latest ZimmPoll we asked, “Which potential presidential candidate would be best for ag?” Click here to find out which one ranked highest.
Agricultural organizations are voicing support for the bi-partisan Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act which was just introduced in the U.S. House. So our new ZimmPoll is asking, “What is best for GMO labeling? We hope you’ll chime in.
Here’s some audio from this week you might have missed:
Cinch Munson, PERC, on propane grain dryers
Marji Guyler-Alaniz, FarmHer, on updating the image of agriculture to include women
Bethany Pugh, Monsanto Farm Mom of the Year
Dan Danford, Case IH, on new certified pre-owned program
White House/USDA press call on increasing access to affordable broadband
Brian Jennings, ACE, on successful legislative fly-in
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ZimmNews – March 20, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Happy National Agriculture Week and Spring! If you missed the Ag Day activities in Washington, DC you can see and hear what was going on with Chuck’s posts on AgWired, sponsored by GROWMARK. He’s on his way home and has more stories to publish.
While Chuck was in Washington, DC, Jamie Johansen was attending Missouri ALOT activities all week. She will be staying in the Capitol city to cover next week’s American Coalition for Ethanol annual member Fly-in.
Chuck and Cindy had some big news this week as their daughter Caitlin delivered a happy, healthy baby boy (second one – Case Aspen Underwood). Grandma immediately flew to Missouri to spend some time with the boys and Chuck will be joining her this weekend. We love grand babies!
Here is some audio from this week you might have missed:
Theresa Seibel Ag Day Essay Contest Winner
Randy Krotz, USFRA, on New McDonald video by Only Organic
Rep. Mike Conaway, House Ag Committee Chair, at Ag Day Luncheon
Senate Ag Committee Chief Economist Matt Erickson at Ag Day Breakfast
Agri-Pulse Farm to Fork Politics: Unleashing Innovation in Agriculture
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ZimmNews – February 27, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
It has been a wild and crazy week on the agriblogging highway. After Chuck returned from the Daytona 500 working with New Holland he and Cindy hit the road for Phoenix and the 10th Annual Bayer CropScience Ag Issues Forum From there Cindy attended the BASF Science Behind event and then it was on to Commodity Classic joined by ZimmComm intern Taylor Truckey. But while they are working on that show Chuck is on his way to the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in Memphis. There’s a lot to see and hear on AgWired this week!
Would you like to follow some top ten ag journalists on Twitter? West Central has a list to recommend. You can find that list here: http://inthefurrow.com/10-agriculture-journalists-follow-twitter/. Hint: it contains one of our own.
Our last ZimmPoll asked about which crop insurance option you would choose and a big percentage of respondents are unsure. ARC still beat out PLC though.
This week we’re asking “What do you think of proposed government control over the internet? Yesterday the FCC announced new regulations that have huge implications on what was once a “free internet.” Of course the internet has never been free but with these new rules apparently dictated by President Obama, the government now will be regulating ISP’s like telephone companies. It is predicted you’ll soon have new service charges showing up on your internet bills. We wonder how much else will change.
Here’s some audio from this week you might have missed:
Bob Stern, Iteris, on ClearAg Crop Protection Beta Testing Pgm.
Tom Uhlman, NE farmer on using propane power
Lisa Lunz, USFRA Board Member, about FARMLAND on sale at Walmart
Neil Bentley, BASF, on Corn, Soy and Wheat scholarships
Rebecca Gunderson, New Holland, on 3-A-Day iPad Giveaway
Andrew Fansler, Indiana farmer, on receiving Bayer CropScience Young Farmer Sustainability Award
There is a lot more on AgWired so please visit or check your feed!
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ZimmNews – February 20, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
Chuck and Cindy have spent the week in Texas at the 2015 National Ethanol Conference. While there they live streamed Bob Dinneen, CEO, Renewable Fuels Association, as he delivered his annual state of the ethanol industry remarks. Other audio from the event can be found at AgNewWire.com.
Our latest ZimmPoll asked, “Which crop insurance option will you be choosing?” The results are leaning toward ARC, but many farmers out there are still unsure as to which policy will be best for their operation.
Here is some audio from this week you might have missed:
Former US Trade Rep, Ron Kirk, talks trade at NEC
Bob Dinneen, RFA, on “Going Global”
Under Sec Michael Scuse, addresses Missouri State University School of Ag
Tyler Tuttle, FMC, talks Marvel Herbicide
Dawn Pelon, New Holland, shares the many anniversaries of company in 2015
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ZimmNews – February 13, 2015

Hello ZimmComm Fans:
The @FarmPodcaste and @AgriBlogger are on their way home from another National Farm Machinery Show It was big iron time in Louisville, KY and they’ll continue sharing stories over the next week. You can find photos here Next week they take off for Grapevine, TX and the National Ethanol Conference.
Do you understand crop insurance options? Is picking one a chore on your to-do list? Let us know what your choice is in our new ZimmPoll, “Which crop insurance option will you be choosing?”
Here is some audio from this week you might have missed:
Matt Hancock, FMC, talks about 3RIVE 3D
Kristin Perry, Missouri ALOT, on new class
Todd DeBock, New Holland, on new Boomer tractors
Evelyn Browning-Gariss on climate change
Kelby Krueger, John Deere, ExactEmerge a year later
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