Some New Media Webinars

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If you’re not a regular reader of eMarketer I highly recommend it. Theirs is one of the only daily e-newsletters I subscribe to and actually read. They also send out …

Making a Case For All Media

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Let me introduce you to Steve Rubel, Micropersuasion. I hope he’s on your feed list. If you’re in media, marketing or communications I suggest it’s a must have. Anyway, Steve …

iPhone Me

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Apple iPhoneDon’t think I didn’t hear the announcement yesterday of the iPhone. MacWorld Expo is going on and Steve Jobs made the announcement. If you think this is just a neat looking new cell phone then think again. It’s a widescreen iPod, phone and internet communications device. It’s almost enough to make me want to switch from Sprint to Cingular since you’ll only be able to use one with just the one carrier (bummer). Watch the keynote address and iphone introduction.

Becoming a YouTuber

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I finally created a YouTube account since I have a number of pretty cool little videos I’ve taken at various events in the last year. I just uploaded one which is probably still being processed. They give you some code you can put on your website for it so I’m posting it here to see what it looks like.

Event Blogging Example

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Blogging an event. How many of you have heard of this? Probably not many. We’re pioneering a whole new concept in journalism. What do we call it? Online journalism? What do you call it when I attend an event and post numerous pictures, audio and even video files which are usually posted while the event is happening or immediately after it’s over?