Started in 2005, AgNewsWire is the virtual newsroom for agriculture, featuring news release and content distribution to more than 2000 media contacts in the industry, posts linking to audio of interest, and pages for agricultural events that include links to photos and audio. All content posted on AgNewsWired is open source and can be used without any fees or registration requirements.

AgNewsWire is a source of agricultural media content for reporters, companies, organizations and individuals seeking high quality photos and audio from around 50 industry events each year. A good example of one organization that has used AgNewsWire to increase its reach to media is the American Seed Trade Association.

AgNewsWire also serves as a source for multi-media content relating to current issues, such as interviews with lawmakers or audio from press conferences. Anyone can subscribe to the RSS feed which sends email alerts when new content is added and updated daily. AgNewsWire distributes news releases and weekly email newsletters to more 2,000 agricultural journalists and also uses social media channels to promote content.

In short, AgNewsWire is an agricultural content service for those who have ag news and want to get it distributed, and for those who need ag news content for programs and publications.

News Release distribution:
Standard Text-only News Release: $500.00
Word format, no length restriction. Image files can be included for no additional fee.
Talking News Release: $900.00
Includes audio production and web hosting of audio files.

Virtual Newsroom
Can include content materials produced on-site or sent to AgNewsWire for hosting.
Rates range from $900 for provided materials to $1800 per day for on-site content production.

Whether you want to send a single release, or have us host a virtual newsroom for your event, contact email Clint Underwood for more information or call 850-780-6617.

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