Are You Afraid of Social Media

In Social Media by Chuck

You know the world of communications has changed. You know it’s about more than having a static web page that you only update every six months. You know your customers, family and friends are all “on Facebook and Twitter.” You know your company should be engaged with people using these mechanisms. But you’re afraid. At least that’s what’s being reported on eMarketer.

But fears still abound. Online retailers remain worried about their own competence at using social media and losing control of their brand.

Their concerns also showed that retailers understand the importance of social media: One of their biggest fears was that customers would abandon their site in favor of one that was more socially engaging. Using social media might be scary, but avoiding it is becoming less of an option.

The primary social media goal of the retailers surveyed was to increase customer engagement, followed by boosting brand loyalty and spurring word-of-mouth among brand advocates.

But I say, “Be Not Afraid.” If you don’t have the expertise to utilize social media then look to your staff or a company like ours to outsource your “engagement practices.” I’m not sure how you would lose control of your brand. Are you sure you have control now? Your customers or members are going to talk about you (online and person to person) and say whatever they want. You don’t have control of that. That’s what social media is all about. People communicating with other people. You need to be there. So get with the program!