ADM Glossary of Terms

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Association for Downloadable MediaIf you’ve wondered about the definition of a podcast or any of the other terms used to describe new media today then you might want to check out the Association of Downloadable Media’s Glossary of Terms.

The ADM Glossary is a project of the ADM Terminology Standards Committee. The terms in the glossary are derived from the advertising and measrement standards documents, along with other terms germane to downloadable media. This list is always growing, and the definitions are being refined as the state of the art evolves. The status field in each definition tells you what level of editing and review has occurred. Most terms are in the state preliminary right now, meaning an initial definition has been written, but it’s not ready for formal review. Definitions move to the draft state once the author feels the definition is complete, and then to the reviewed state once the definition has had peer review.