YouTube Still 800 Pound Gorilla

In New Media by Chuck

eMarketer Online Video GraphicTake a look at this graphic from eMarketer today. Where would you like to have your video? For those of you wondering why it doesn’t list YouTube, remember that Google owns it.

The networks’ online destinations are a popular place to view video, but Google’s YouTube is still the 800-pound gorilla in the video viewing space.

Google, including YouTube, has a 55.4% share of video viewing visits to online video site properties among US Internet users, according to September 2008 figures from Compete.

All four networks made it into the top 10, but market share for each is dwarfed by YouTube. NBC, in third place, garners a mere 3.9% of visits, but this marks the first time NBC has been in the top five. Fox Interactive Media also has a 3.9% share. ABC commands 2.8% of visits to online video sites, and CBS Interactive accounted for just 2%.

Now you know why I YouTube. Shouldn’t you? Or are you still into “controlling the visitor experience?”