Download and Advertising Standards Public Comment Period

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Association for Downloadable MediaHere’s the latest from the Association for Downloadable Media on their draft of standards for advertising and download measurements:

Guidelines and Standards Comment Period

On April 16th, ADM released two documents for public review. We encourage public comments in order to refine and enhance the documentation. The public comment period will end on May 16, 2008.
Advertisement Unit Standards

Draft posted for discussion April 16, 2008. PDF Download

The purpose of the Advertisement Unit Standards is to provide baseline recommendations for advertisement units in order to better facilitate advertising transactions relating to downloadable media.
Download Measurement Guidelines

Draft posted for discussion April 16, 2008. PDF Download

The purpose of the Download Measurement Guidelines are to establish baseline recommendations for how individual publishers, companies and organizations can measure how downloads are delivered to consumer audiences.

Please participate in the refinement of these documents.

Please comment the following ways:

1. Enter your public statements in the comments section in the document comments pages:

* Advertisement Unit Standards Comment Page
* Download Measurement Guidelines Comment Page

2. Send your confidential statements to

3. Send your confidential statements via mail to:

The Association for Downloadable Media
611 Pennsylvania Ave, SE #164
Washington, DC 20003-4303