Where Will Radio Play in The Media Mix?

In Miscellaneous by Chuck

emarketer.com graphicA recent story on emarketer.com points to some interesting information about how people are using media. In particular it looks like radio needs to figure out how it’s going to play into the media mix in the future. The story is titled, “Will Internet Kill the Radio Star?.”

I think this just verifies what I’ve been preaching and that is that consumers of all kinds have more choices today and you need to really make sure you’re using a mix of media to reach them. It doesn’t mean that radio isn’t a viable medium for an advertiser but it does mean that there are choices and apparently marketers are using them.

“. . . data from a number of researchers indicates that traditional radio is losing its significance in people’s lives. US adults are spending more time each day on the Internet and watching TV than listening to the radio.”