2 Billion Comment Spams

In Blogging by Chuck

Akismet Spam ChartIf you’re going to blog then get ready for comment spam.

Comment spam wasn’t something I knew much about until about a year ago when AgWired, my main agricultural communications blog started to get hit hard. That’s when we made a decision to install Akismet on all our sites and all of our client’s sites as well. In fact, Akismet is a standard feature of any site we build today.

As a total of all the sites Akismet is being used on they’ve captured 2,412,431,831 spam comments. In that same time frame they allowed 178,927,948 total hams. This was as of early July btw.

Going on 3 billion. That’s ridiculous. Just think about the fact that Akismet is only one of the options you have to capture and manage comment spam!