Some Links To Check Out

In Miscellaneous by Chuck

SkypeWhile on another extended blogging trip in Norway I came across some new media tidbits you might enjoy.

  • If you haven’t used Skype you should give it a try. To start with, it’s a great little tool that’s just as easy to use as they claim. Besides allowing you to talk to someone else with Skype on their computer for no charge you can also dial out from it to regular land lines and you can easily record your calls for podcasts. Plus they’ve now got something called Skypcasts which lets you connect up to 100 callers at once.
  • While I haven’t finished reading my copy of The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, I highly recommend it. Learn about why he says, “The Future of Business is Selling Less of More.”
  • If you don’t have time to read, then you might want to listen to Chris Anderson who was interviewed on a Skypecast.
  • Speaking of books . . . Check out a nice list of books on ProBlogger that will help you better understand what we’re talking about when we say “new media.”
  • You can Skype me at “AgWired”