Kissing Comment Spam Goodbye

In Blogging by Chuck

AKISMETOnce you have a high traffic blog that’s been up a while with commenting allowed the spammers find you. It’s just like the spam you get in your inbox only it comes in to your blog. I would love to get my hands around the throat of one of these little $%*^&(‘s. Can you say, “comment spam rage?”

Almost 4,000 spam comments in the last 3 days on ZimmComm blogs. Amazing! It’s one of the hazards of being so popular I guess. To combat it I just installed Akismet on the blogs. It’s a nice little WordPress plugin that’s simple to install. Since I’ve been marking the comment spam as “spam” and that was putting it into a folder, Akismet can look at that and learn from it. Now they’re all in the Akismet spam folder which it automatically deletes after 15 days unless I do so manually.

I am seriously hoping this helps.