Comment Spam

In Blogging by Chuck

If I approved every comment that’s submitted to this blog you’d be linked to all the drug information you could possibly want. And some other not so nice stuff. One of the things you have to prepare for in the blogging world is how you handle comments. I think they’re part of the reason a blog is a great communications tool. They’re also one of the features I find businesses the most fearful of. I’m going to write more about this soon.

In the meantime let me just make a comment on comment spam. Borrowing a good friend’s expression, if I could get my hands on a spammer I’d like to “pinch his little head off.” What kind of lowlife person is a spammer? I have no idea but they’re the reason you just have to moderate your comments today. That means that I have to approve comments before you can see them. It’s an unfortunate situation. But otherwise you’ll see lots of comments and want to see what people are saying only to find out that’s they just want you to go buy their drugs or other paraphenalia.

Just before I wrote this post I deleted 17 spam comments that came in today. Amazing. But I know I’m not alone. We all just deal with it.