What Will Local Radio & TV Become

In Miscellaneous by Chuck

A recent story on Podcasting News asks a pretty startling question. “Will the Internet Eliminate Local Broadcasters?”

Frankly, I don’t think so. Even with the surge in new media applications and consumer use I think our local radio and tv stations will still be sources of news and information. But only if they pay attention to what’s going on. For example, I only listen to a local station here in the Jefferson City area because they have a great show on Saturday mornings playing the music I like. Otherwise I only tune in to hear a local weather forecast if I’m in my car. The reason is that most music radio is boring. It seems like you can listen to the same station from coast to coast. Where’s the local news and programming? Even talk radio is the same (boring). But there are some stations that are getting it.

How would you answer the question? My good friend Steve has posted on this before.